Here's Where Your Favorite 'Below Deck Med' Yachties Are Today

Ready for a ‘Below Deck Med’ Season 4 cast update? Find out where they are now, what they’re up to, and what comes next for the Sirocco crew.


Jun. 5 2020, Updated 1:18 p.m. ET

Below Deck Mediterranean
Source: Instagram

The cast of Below Deck Med might still be gracing our screens week after week on their current charter season in the south of France, but in reality, it's been almost a year since they filmed. "We did six weeks from September through October," deckhand Colin Macy O'Toole told Distractify exclusively. "We learned a lot, and hopefully it shows."

Below Deck Med Season 4 cast update: Where are they now?

So where is the cast of Below Deck Med Season 4 now that they're off luxury yacht Sirocco? Keep reading for everything you need to know.

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1. Captain Sandra Yawn

below deck med where are they now exclusive captain sandy

Captain Sandy found love with gospel singer, Leah Shafer, the month after docking the Sirocco for the last time of the season. Last year, she told The Daily Dish she was looking for "someone who wakes up happy, just is happy to be alive."

"Someone who wants to live, wants to experience, wants to travel, wants to try different restaurants, wants to go see shows," she continued. "And I love music. Someone who loves concerts because I am a concertgoer."

These days, the happy couple is on The Captain Sandy I Believe Tour, where they're showing the world how Captain Sandy uses "music to navigate tough waters" together. 

Stay up to date on where they're headed by following Captain Sandy on Instagram, here. Plus, she and Below Deck's Captain Lee will be attending Bravo Con, so run, don't walk to get your tickets.

2. João Franco (Bosun)

Source: Instagram

We first met João when he was a deckhand to Conrad's bosun back in Season 3. This time around, he's doing a pretty good job as a bosun himself, managing his crew in the exterior. 

Now that he's off the Sirocco, this resilient Zimbabwean with an incredibly tough childhood has climbed the ranks of the maritime industry. "João became a captain in Florida right after the show," Colin reveals. On his own Instagram page, João writes, "Captain = 10% driving, 90% management, and 100% leading by example."

And although things ended badly with ex-girlfriend and stew Brooke Laughton, the deckhand-turned-bosun-turned-captain is now in a happy relationship with Michelle Dicu. Follow his maritime adventures on his Instagram page, here.

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3. Colin Macy-O'Toole (Deckhand)

Colin was a green deckhand when we first came to know him on Season 3, but this time around, he has a much better handle on the exterior. 

And now that he's no longer on Sirocco and back home in Long Island, he's "taken some time off" from the ferry company where he'd been working for 17 years before accepting his role on Below Deck Med. These days, he's actively pursuing a career in music. "I'm trying to branch out a little bit into music, in the entertainment world," he tells us exclusively. "I have a strong music background, but now I can go back [to the ferry company] whenever I want. They love me there," he shared.

Follow Colin and his music endeavors on Instagram, here.

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4. Travis Michalzik (Deckhand)

below deck med where are they now exclusive travis
Source: Instagram

Things might not have worked out between Travis and Hannah this past season of the Sirocco, but Colin confirms that he and Jack are still working on boats today. "In Europe somewhere," he thinks. 

According to Travis' Instagram page, this Perth native is yachting around the Med on super yacht Perseus, currently docked in Italy. Follow his adventures, here.

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5. Jack Stirrup (Deckhand)

below deck med where are they now exclusive jack
Source: Instagram

Also "somewhere" on a boat in Europe is Jack, whose relationship with Aesha Scott devastatingly did not make it long past the Below Deck season. The deckhand who "barely works at all" (Andy Cohen's words) struck up an infatuation during the course of the Sirocco's charter season. We watched them go on a date, share a cute first kiss, and quickly start making out on and off the boat, including during times when they should be working.

Jack doesn't seem to be on Instagram, so we wish him the best wherever he is.

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6. Mila Kolomeitseva (Chef)

below deck med where are they now exclusive mila
Source: Facebook

The worst chef in the history of Below Deck and Below Deck Med award has to go to Chef Mila Kolomeitseva whose culinary creations make us sick just thinking about them. Thankfully, she was off the boat within the first few episodes, but she wasn't going to let getting fired bring her down. "People like me who have big egos sometimes have to be put down to earth a little bit," she said during her exit interview with Sandy.

Whether she doesn't have Instagram, or prefers to lay low in the wake of her homophobic on-air comments, we were only able to find a scarce Facebook page, where she states she's currently living in Monaco.

Good riddance! Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Mila!

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7. Anastasia Surmava (Third Stew, then Chef)

below deck med where are they now exclusive anastasia
Source: Instagram

It'd be hard to say that any crew member had as crazy a charter season as Anastasia, who started Season 4 off as an incredible third stew, then began helping Chef Mila until she got fired. When she did, Captain Sandy offered Anastasia the position of chef, which she's been handling more or less OK, with some recent guests complaining that her dishes are not "five star."

The second she got off Sirocco, however, it seems Anastasia booked it to Sri Lanka with her newfound confidence of having been a chef. There, she opened Ajna Food + Yoga, her own eco cafe and yoga shala. "It's a cafe I built and run," she explained to curious fans on Instagram. "I developed the menu and trained my head chef :)." "This is your official invitation to come see me in Sri Lanka," she wrote to her followers. "We can surf, eat at my cafe, and practice in my shala."

Ajna opens in mid-October, and Anastasia is currently in her home state of Vermont until the fall. Follow her adventures in America, Africa, and beyond on Instagram, here.

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8. Hannah Ferrier (Chief Stew)

below deck med where are they now exclusive hannah
Source: Instagram

"Hannah, I haven't actually talked to Hannah in a while," Colin admits, "but I believe she's back home in Australia." The elusive chief stew has a boyfriend these days though she says, "I keep him off Insta." 

Since leaving the Sirocco, Hannah has been enjoying her Below Deck Med celebrity and has been visiting Fiji, Los Angeles, and traveling all throughout Australia's most beautiful vineyards. Catch up with her adventures on Hannah's Instagram page, here.

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9. Aesha Scott (Second Stew)

below deck med where are they now exclusive aesha

"The thing about the yachting industry," Colin explains to us, "is that you can work as much as you want or take as much time off as you want." After working a ton on the Med, Aesha finally decided to take her maritime career freelance, so that she could get to take in some of the sights during her time on the French Riviera.

And there's no Below Deck Med cast we urge you to follow on Instagram more. Though we're still waiting to hear whether Bravo will give Aesha her own spinoff (which fans are absolutely dying for), Aesha gives us a first look into her day-to-day on and off boats on her daily Instagram stories.

Follow her adventures, here.

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10. June Foster (Replacement Third Stew)

below deck med where are they now exclusive june
Source: Instagram

"June, June, Hannah" is the one line from this season we guarantee is still stuck in your head. And although she might not be the best third stew (considering she literally can't even keep her earpiece in), June Foster is also a published author. Her book, The Girl and the Golden Leaf tells a maritime tale of two whitewater rafting siblings who hope to escape West Virginia poverty. 

These days, the blonde stew and on-and-off model is enjoying some rest and relaxation on the coast of Ischia, where our favorite Italian show — My Brilliant Friend partially takes place.

Don't miss what the rest of this season holds for this crazy cast of yachties. New episodes of Below Deck Med air Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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