Inside Asia Jackson and Amy Schumer’s Social Media Showdown

Actors Amy Schumer and Asia Jackson exchanged words on X over the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Here’s a rundown of their feud and where they stand now!

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Nov. 3 2023, Published 1:53 p.m. ET

The Gist:

  • Asia Jackson and Amy Schumer are both actors who have spoken out about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
  • Asia critiqued one of Amy's Instagram posts on her X account.
  • Amy Schumer responded to Asia Jackson, causing her to screenshot their messages.
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Comedian and actor Amy Schumer’s enemy list just got longer, as she and Asia Jackson certainly won’t get along anytime soon.

In November 2023, Asia, an actor, and YouTuber, shared an intense conversation between herself and Amy regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Since the conflict has made global news, Amy has been outspoken about her unwavering support of Israel and the effects the conflict has had on Jewish people. However, her method of showing her help didn’t sit well with Asia, who expressed as much in a public showdown.

Here’s everything we know about Asia Jackson and Amy Schumer’s feud.

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Amy Schumer
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Asia Jackson and Amy Schumer’s feud began with an Instagram DM.

In October 2023, an attack by Palestinian militant group Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants on southern Israel occurred. The Hamas claimed the attack was retribution for Palestinians under Israeli occupation. As of this writing, over 1,400 people were killed in Israel, with 8,525 fatalities in Gaza. The militant group has also reportedly taken over 200 hostages in over 25 countries (via Newsweek).

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Amy, who has a history of speaking out against various issues on social media, has been actively supportive of Israel since the attacks. The comedian has specifically been vocal about the rising antisemitism that has reportedly worsened since the attacks began. Amid the violence discussed on social media, Amy has used her platform to discuss the conflict further.

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One of Amy’s Instagram posts supporting Israel didn’t sit right with many of her critics, including Asia. The post, which has since been deleted, showed protestors seemingly being in support of the violence being done towards Israeli people, with the placards reading “Proud of our rapist martyrs" and other damaging statements.

After Amy’s post came to Asia’s attention, the actor spoke about it on her X account. On Oct. 27, 2023, Asia used Bella and Gigi Hadid’s criticism for their support of Palestine to illustrate the stark difference in their comments from what Amy made.

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“It’s so crazy to me how Bella & Gigi had to tiptoe around their statements, and then Amy Schumer is like “Gazans are rapists” and will still have a career,” Asia posted.

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On Halloween 2023, Asia posted a spooky update to her 38,000 and counting followers. She shared a DM from Amy, who had somehow seen Asia discussing her Instagram activity. In the message, Amy asked Asia, “Did something I posted about my people being massacred upset you?”

Asia captioned Amy’s message with “Girl” as she shared it with her followers. She then told her fans to “stay tuned” as she replied to Amy’s question with “The Islamophobia and generalization of Gazan people did,” describing Amy’s Instagram post.

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Amy Schumer accused Asia Jackson of being antisemitic amid their social media feud.

On Nov. 1, 2023, Asia proved her and Amy’s issues were just beginning. After a brief pause in messaging between them, Asia posted more drama between her and Amy, as the comedian had a lot more to say.

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In what she described as a “terrible way to wake up,” Asia received multiple essay-long messages from Amy criticizing Asia for not agreeing with her stance on Israel. Amy insulted Asia’s intelligence throughout her response, stating the YouTuber was “not educated about the history of the Jewish people and the conflict.”

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Amy also accused Asia of being antisemitic and assumed she didn’t have any “Jewish friends.”

Asia clapped back and asked Amy how calling out the “racist things” Amy has allegedly said qualifies as antisemitism. Asia also addressed Amy’s claim that she, a Black and Asian-American woman, needed a lecture on racism or race relations.

“Imagine coming into a Black person’s DMs trying to lecture them about what it’s like to feel unsafe,” Asia wrote on X in November 2023. “I don’t let my mom walk around alone because she’s Asian. Like, do you really think that you, a blonde, blue-eyed white woman, have some sort of claim on feeling unsafe?”

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Asia Jackson says Amy Schumer continued “harassing” her and not her other notable critics.

Just when those following Asia and Amy’s feud thought they were finished, Asia made a separate post proving she wasn’t the only one giving Amy a negative review. She reminded Amy that Bernice King, daughter of Martin Luther King, also vehemently disagreed with Amy’s take.

Asia suggested she remember that instead of “harassing” her on Instagram.

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“The daughter of Martin Luther King Jr. told you to read her father’s book. Btw I don’t know if you saw that,” Asia said. “Instead of harassing me on Instagram, you could get to reading @amyschumer.”

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“MLK’s DAUGHTER had to set her straight, yet I’M the one she messages????” she shared in another post. “The power dynamic here is not lost on me.”

Amy, for her part, seemingly stopped messaging Asia after the content creator discussed their exchange. However, on Nov. 1, she posted a message stating she was turning her “comments on” for anyone to critique her while also addressing some of the ones she’s received about her comedy career, her body, and being “self-made.”


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