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Source: Instagram

Keep an Eye out for Newcomer Athena Akers on Dolly Parton's 'Heartstrings'


Dolly Parton’s new Netflix show, Heartstrings, is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Each of the eight Season 1 episodes is based on a song from the 73-year-old’s extensive body of work and features a different cast. 

There is, however, one actress who pops up more than once throughout the anthology — and she’s not the type of girl who easily blends into the background. Here’s what we know about up-and-comer Athena Akers.

Athena Akers appears in four episodes of Heartstrings.

The brunette beauty is listed as a wedding guest in "Two Doors Down," a dance hall patron in "Sugar Hill," a western town girl in "JJ Sneed," and a festival patron/roller coaster rider in "Jolene."