Baby Eats Airport Gum, Horrifies Her Mom and the Internet

One mom is trying to take a cute video of her baby, when the baby decides to put a piece of airport gum in her mouth. We break down the video inside.

Allison Hunt - Author

Nov. 9 2023, Published 11:06 p.m. ET

Babies are adorable: their little toes, their chubby cheeks, their silly laughs. Babies are also a handful: high-pitched crying, dirty diapers, and putting everything they can in their mouths.

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Babies putting things in their mouths can definitely get tricky as they start to move and groove and crawl and walk everywhere. And sometimes you are taking a cute video of your baby standing on a chair in an airport and they reach down and grab a piece of gum and casually decide to put it in their mouth.

Yep. That happened to one woman on TikTok. We break down the video below.

A baby eats airport gum and it's low key adorable and also high key gross.

The video, posted by @marissaroot on TikTok, has 2.3 million views, with 175.1 thousand likes, and 2,349 comments. The caption humorously reads, "Mom fail of the day. Jail." The song that is playing is "Now That We Don't Talk (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)" by Taylor Swift.

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The video opens with the baby squatting on a chair very clearly at an airline gate in an airport. The words read, "Me thinking I'm taking a cute video of my baby at the airport."

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The baby appears to be reaching for something but stands up looking straight at her mom all sweet and innocent like there's nothing to see here. But the baby actually did have something in her hand.

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And what the baby had in her hand was a piece of gum. You can see the moment where Marissa aka Mom threw the phone most likely to get of the gum out of the baby's mouth but the baby was too quick.

The words on the screen read, "Her finding and eating a stranger's gum." Our favorite part has to be the close-up cinematography and the slowed-down gum pull, which is high art in our professional opinion.

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Naturally the people in the comments had a lot to say. A lot of people were traumatized by this video commenting things like, "The way my jaw dropped," "I would be hospitalized," and "I would have a full fledged heart attack."

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Others relayed their own horrifying gum stories. One person wrote, "Ay yo.. walking in the mall, my baby cousin was all of a sudden chewing gum. We asked where it came from..she pointed to the TRASH CAN LID." Which, arguably is worse.

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Another person wrote, "OMG, this happened to me before when my daughter was 1. I was gagging I couldn't believe she was eating chewed gum off her shoe lol." Which, again, is worse.

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So, how is the baby girl? While Marissa aka Mom didn't post a follow-up video on the status of her baby now, she did post an adorable TikTok video at the baby's first birthday, so we think she is doing just fine.

Happy Birthday Baby aka Lyla! We are so glad that you have upgraded and traded in airport gum for birthday cake. We promise you it is much tastier and has way less germs.

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