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Source: ABC

This Might Be the Most Hilarious Set of 'Bachelor' Bios Yet


It's truly hard to pick the best part of any given Bachelor or Bachelorette season. Before the show even begins, viewers get hints as to who the contestants are when ABC releases the cast pictures and bios. The amount of "influencers," "beauty queens," "entrepreneurs," and other esoteric job titles that get used in these bios seems to grow each season. Between the bios, the antics from the villain contestant (there's always one), the times someone cries over a balcony, and the group date challenges, there's truly no way to pick the most entertaining part of The Bachelor.

The women vying for Peter Weber's heart have been released (including way more than one flight attendant). We rounded up the funniest part of many of the Bachelor bios and you won't believe the cast of characters that will be on this season. 

1. Avonlea

Source: ABC

Aside from having a *unique* name that sounds like a knockoff beauty company, (but that actually likely came from the town featured in Anne of Green Gables) a big part of this Texas native's storyline is that she was raised on a cattle farm. But, Avonlea wants you to know that she was always a nice cattle farmer, as her bio notes that "Every time Avonlea milks one of her cows, she thanks it for its hard work." 

If Avonlea sounds more rustic than the average Bachelor contestant, don't fret. When she's not thanking her cows, she's modeling in Dallas.