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Meet the Women Competing on Peter Weber's Season of 'The Bachelor'



Fans of The Bachelor got an early gift this holiday season — a first look at the women who will be competing on Peter Weber's season of the reality dating competition.

The cast of the 2020 season is full of pageant queens, a couple of flight attendants, and aspiring Instagram influencers. Noticeably missing is Hannah Brown, who made a cameo in the trailer for Peter's season, but will ultimately not be competing for his final rose. 

So, who does Peter Weber pick? 

Reality Steve has yet to release winner spoilers, but the super sleuth has revealed who lands in Peter's final four and goes on hometown dates with the pilot. Did your favorite make the cut? 

Watch The Bachelor when it premieres Monday, January 6 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC. 

1. Kylie

Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

Entertainment Sales Associate, 26, California

Fun Fact: Flakey and pessimistic people make Kylie mad.

2. Victoria P.

Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

Nurse, 27, Virginia

Fun Fact: Nothing upsets Victoria more than finding raisins in her cookies.

3. Courtney

Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

Cosmetologist, 26, Florida

Fun Fact: Courtney is extremely claustrophobic.

4. Megan

Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

Flight Attendant, 26, California

Fun Fact: Megan is a face mask enthusiast.

5. Tammy

Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

House Flipper, 24, New York

Fun Fact: Tammy ended her last relationship by ghosting him.

6. Lauren

Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

Marketing Executive, 26, California

Fun Fact: Lauren says she has exit interviews with all of her exes to figure out what went wrong.

7. Jasmine

Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

Client Relations Manager, 25, Texas

Fun Fact: Jasmine's best friend is her golden retriever, Gnarles Barkley.

8. Avonlea

Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

Cattle Rancher, 27, Texas

Fun Fact: Every time Avonlea milks one of her cows, she thanks it for its hard work.

9. Jenna

Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

Nursing Student, 22, Illinois

Fun Fact: Jenna has a pet goldfish named George, and she says that George gives great advice.

10. Deandra

Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

Home Care Coordinator, 23, Texas

Fun Fact: Deandra hates EDM.

11. Madison

Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

Foster Parent Recruiter, 23, Alabama

Fun Fact: If Madison was stranded on an island and could only bring one book, it would be The Bible.


Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

Business Development Rep, 23, Massachusetts

Fun Fact: Payton currently lives in her parents' basement.

13. Jade

Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

Flight Attendant, 26, Arizona

Fun Fact: Even though she is a flight attendant, Jade is VERY afraid of heights. 

14. Mykenna

Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

Fashion Blogger, 22, Canada

Fun Fact: Mykenna's dream job is to start her own charity.

15. Hannah Ann

Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

Model, 23, Tennessee

Fun Fact: Hannah Ann's home is decorated with artwork that she painted.

16. Natasha

Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

Event Planner, 31, New York

Fun Fact: Natasha loves her legs and her back where she has a cross and dagger tattoo.

17. Savannah

Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

Realtor, 27, Texas

Fun Fact: When Savannah wants to treat herself, she indulges in a Vampire Facial.

18. Katrina

Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

Pro Sports Dancer, 28, Illinois

Fun Fact: Last Halloween, Katrina dressed up as her hairless cat, Jasmine, and Jasmine dressed up as her.

19. Alayah

Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

Miss Texas 2019, 24, Texas

Fun Fact: Alayah's spirit animal is the Texas Longhorn.

20. Kiarra

Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

Nanny, 23, Georgia

Fun Fact: Kiarra's biggest fear is being trapped on the top of a roller coaster.

21. Shiann

Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

Administrative Assistant, 27, Nevada

Fun Fact: Shiann was a competitive horseback rider growing up.

22. Sydney

Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

Retail Marketing Manager, 24, Alabama

Fun Fact: Sydney's ability to speak Spanish is so-so, but on salsa night, she rules the dance floor.

23. Eunice

Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

Flight Attendant, 23, Illinois

Fun Fact: Eunice's signature dance move is the ponytail helicopter.

24. Sarah

Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

Medical Radiographer, 24, Tennessee

Fun Fact: Sarah loathes slugs.

25. Alexa

Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

Esthetician, 27, Illinois

Fun Fact: Alexa decided to move to Chicago during a game of heads or tails.

26. Maurissa

Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

Patient Care Coordinator, 23, Georgia

Fun Fact: When Maurissa is feeling confident, she breaks into song.

27. Kelley

Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

Attorney, 27, Illinois

Fun Fact: Kelley is allergic to gluten, dairy and black tea.

28. Lexi

Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

Marketing Coordinator, 26, New York

Fun Fact: Nothing turns Lexi off more than people who are desperate.

29. Kelsey

Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

Professional Clothier, 28, Iowa

Fun Fact: Kelsey says she is like an onion; she has many layers.

30. Victoria F.

Source: ABC/Randy Holmes

Medical Sales Rep, 25, Virginia

Fun Fact: Victoria is a big fan of country music and will travel to see her favorite artists play a show.

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