Selling Contraband in 'Starfield' is an Easy Way to Get Rich — Here’s Where You Can Sell It

Jon Bitner - Author

Sep. 12 2023, Published 4:40 p.m. ET

The gist:

  • Contraband is worth a bunch of credits in Starfield, but only select NPCs will buy it.
  • The best place to sell contraband in Starfield is The Den, located in the Wolf System.
  • You’ll also find other Trade Authority kiosks throughout the galaxy that will buy your contraband.
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If you’re looking to sell your contraband in Starfield, you’ll have to visit very specific locations. Not every vendor wants to purchase your illegal objects — and if you fly to certain locations with contraband, there’s a good chance you’ll end up in jail.

So where is the best place to sell contraband in Starfield? Here’s what you need to know, along with ways to smuggle contraband through patrolled locations.

The best place to sell contraband in 'Starfield' is The Den.

Starfield lets you sell contraband at Trade Authority kiosks. These can be found throughout the galaxy, though many of them require you to first smuggle the goods onto a planet. This isn’t easy to do, and getting caught with contraband is a good way to find yourself in a jail cell.

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Because of this, the best place to sell contraband in Starfield is The Den. This location in the Wolf System doesn’t scan your ship prior to entry, meaning you won’t need to sneak anything past the guards before docking your ship.

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Once you’ve landed at The Den, you can simply chat with the vendor in the Trade Authority to sell your contraband. Be sure to do this as soon as you add the contraband to your inventory, as visiting another planet while contraband is in your possession will land you in jail if it’s found during a scan.

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If you want to press your luck at another location, here are a few of the other spots you can sell contraband in Starfield:

  • New Atlantis (Jemison)
  • Neon (Volii Alpha)
  • Cydonia (Mars)
  • Akila City (Akila)

How to smuggle contraband into patrolled areas.

In order to smuggle contraband into patrolled areas, you’ll need to upgrade your Deception skill or upgrade your ship. At rank one, the Deception skill makes enemy contraband scans 10% less effective. When maxed out at rank four, contraband scans are 50% less effective.

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Important ship upgrades for smugglers include the scan jammer and Shielded Cargo Holds. These also serve to decrease the effectiveness of contraband scans. Keep in mind that the more contraband you have on your ship, the more likely it is to be detected.

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It takes a lot of time and effort to acquire these components and upgrades — so consider selling your contraband at The Den instead, as you won’t be required to pass a scan before docking. This means you can put your skill points into other abilities and save your credits for other ship upgrades.

Getting caught with contraband isn’t the end of the world, but it will force you to pay a fine or spend time in jail. Your contraband will also be confiscated. And if you’ve spent a long time tracking down a valuable piece of gear, that could be a huge blow to your wallet.

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