'Big Brother' Fans Are Rooting for Janelle and They Want Nicole to Know It

A 'Big Brother' lockdown was put into place when someone yelled over the wall in the backyard about getting Nicole Franzel out of the house.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Aug. 25 2020, Updated 4:32 p.m. ET

big brother wall yeller
Source: CBS

A big part of Big Brother is the live feeds, which not all viewers are privy to each season. The live feeds offer a different look inside the house and the dynamic between any given houseguests. And other times, the live feeds show events that are otherwise kept out of the edited episodes. It’s unclear yet if the fan who yelled over the wall on the live feeds recently will be a talking point in the Aug. 26 episode, but it resulted in a lockdown and the live feeds being cut.

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It’s not unusual for Big Brother producers to cut the live feeds if something serious is going on in the house or if the houseguests are talking about behind the scenes and production too much, as that is against the rules. But the wall yeller caused even more drama in a house that was already on edge because of Tyler Crispin’s Head of Household nominations.

big brother janelle and nicole
Source: CBS
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There was a 'Big Brother' lockdown in Season 22.

In a recent clip from the Big Brother live feeds, someone yelled over the high wall which surrounds the backyard of the Big Brother house and studio. Fans on Reddit claimed the yeller shouted, "F--k Nicole, get her out … Janelle is to be trusted." Then the feeds cut and the house went into lockdown, meaning all houseguests had to return inside immediately.

When the feeds returned, the houseguests were still talking about what the wall yeller had allegedly said, though some of the houseguests weren't sure. What might have happened, however, is that the person on the other side of the wall reignited the fire in Janelle to get the votes she needs to stay in the house and take down Nicole Franzel, who she might now believe fans are against in her honor.

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'Big Brother' wall yellers are nothing new.

The issue with fans yelling things over the Big Brother walls is that they can impact the game. They might yell something that they know as a viewer, which other houseguests don't always know. Or, as is the case here, they could make Janelle fight harder than she would have otherwise since she now believes she has America’s support and needs to get Nicole out of the house.

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To be fair, though, Big Brother fans yelling over the wall is par for the course with the show. During Season 21 of Big Brother, a fan was on the outside of the wall with a speaker, revealing secrets about who knew each other in the house prior to going in, which could have had a horrendous impact on different players’ games. And in Big Brother Season 17, a wall yeller shouted over the wall about secret alliances.

But Janelle and Nicole's 'Big Brother 22' feud has fans in an uproar.

The main reason for this particular wall yeller, however, has everything to do with Nicole wanting Janelle out of the house. After other houseguests nailed it into Nicole’s head that Janelle has it out for her, she took it upon herself to make Janelle a Have Not and start a feud that would leave fans and houseguests taking sides.

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