"It Should Be Considered a Global War Crime" — Man Has Strong Opinion on Why Blondes Shouldn't Date Each Other

Kelly Corbett - Author

Jan. 25 2024, Published 5:41 p.m. ET

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Do you ever see a couple that gives you the ick? I'll go first. The first time I watched Sweet Home Alabama*, I was a little upset when Reese Witherspoon's character found her happily ever after with Josh Lucas's character (blonde) instead of Patrick Dempsey's character (brunette).

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And why was that? Well, as you can see, I put the answers in parentheses. It was — surprise, surprise — the hair color! In fact, that quick scene at the end with Reese, Josh, and their blonde daughter almost made me shut the TV off then and there. It was just ... too much blonde, you know? An overload of blondeness.

Reese Witherspoon and Josh Lucas filming 'Sweet Home Alabama
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Now, if you disagree with my controversial opinion that blondes dating each other is well, weird and unnecessary, then you're not going to like this dude's two cents. Keep scrolling to watch TikToker Vinny LoCasto break down why blondes dating each other is basically an abomination!

(*I may have forgotten the entire plot of Sweet Home Alabama and only remembered Reese's character ended up with blondie after googling images of the film).

TikToker goes on impassioned rant about why two blondes cannot date each other.

“I have always felt that anyone can date anyone, right? Love is love, it doesn’t see a color or a type of person," explained Vinny LoCasto in a video that has garnered over three million views.

He proceeds to go on to show his support for interracial and LGBTQ couples, claiming “it doesn’t matter, except for when you’re both blonde."

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Two blondes dating? Yup, that's where he draws the line. "I’m not going to let that Malfoy family fan fiction b------- slide," he says referring to the Harry Potter kin. And oof, he was just getting started.

Vinny continued to note all the monstrosities that could occur when two light-haired people couple off or as he put it "two blonde evil scientists come together."

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“I’m not going to let you guys (re: blondes) create an atom[ic] bomb and blow up my city and then make us all live in a controlled environment underground in the sewers," Vinny said, before switching to his next point.

“When the bully Chad, and the b----- cheerleader Lisa get together, you find corpses in their basement. You find harvested organs in freezers," he claimed matter-of-factly.

“It should be considered a global war crime,” Vinny said as the video ended.

Now, while his fervent and over-the-top rant may need some fact checking, it seemed viewers understood exactly where he was coming from.

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tiktok comment blondes can't date
Source: TikTok

In his comment section, users admitted that blonde couples often look like siblings.

"Every blonde + blonde couple i’ve ever seen looks related i’m sorry," wrote one user.

Another wrote: "Realest thing I've heard today."

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And some folks who claimed to be blonde even noted that they would never date another blonde for that reason.

Meanwhile, others referenced the LaBrant family, a YouTube-famous family with all blonde members, and the cast of Welcome to Plathville, in case anyone needed a visual of what it looks like when blondes are together.

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tiktok comment blondes can't date
Source: tiktok

In conclusion, fall in love with whoever you want, but if you're both blonde, be prepared for some double takes, and don't be surprised if you hear strangers talking about how you look like twins.

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