Taylor Swift Might Be Doing Backing Vocals on Beyoncé's New Song "Bodyguard"

Fans have convinced themselves that Taylor Swift co-wrote 'Bodyguard' with Beyoncé.


Mar. 29 2024, Published 9:57 a.m. ET

Taylor Swift and Beyonce at the premiere of the Eras Tour.
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Any time that Beyoncé releases new music, fans spend plenty of time listening to it and analyzing it obsessively. Now, the pop legend has released "Cowboy Carter," a country-inflected album that features other artists including Miley Cyrus and Willie Nelson. Following the album's release, though, some became convinced that there was another famous face featured in the background of one track.

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That track was "Bodyguard," which has quickly been identified as one of the standouts from the album as a whole. Here's what we know about the song's credits, and whether there really is someone quite famous doing some backing vocals.

Beyonce and Taylor Swift behind the scenes of the 58th Grammy Awards.
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Who is on the credits for Beyoncé's "Bodyguard"?

The official credits for "Bodyguard" are not yet available, but many are after them because they suspect that Taylor Swift may have provided some backing vocals for the song. The song starts with someone singing "One, two, three, four / Ooh-ee-ooh, ah / Ooh-ee-ooh," and fans are convinced that the voice doing the "ahs" is Taylor. That piece of the song is repeated throughout, and many have compared it to Taylor's vocals on her song "I Can See You."

The viral theory even prompted someone to edit the Genius page for the song to suggest that Taylor provided backing vocals on it. While that might be the case, it's impossible to say for sure, and it's very possible that a fan edited the page after the theories emerged.

When the official credits for the song, and the album as a whole, are released, we'll know for sure whether "Bodyguard" marks their first collaboration.

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Fans are speculating about a cross-collaboration between Beyoncé and Taylor.

Beyoncé and Taylor Swift are undoubtedly the two biggest acts in pop music right now, and we know that the two have been friendly over the past year.

Now that fans have heard "Bodyguard," some suspect that Taylor will also get a writing credit on the track.

It would make sense for the two stars to team up for a country-infused track, especially given Taylor's established background in the genre.

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Given the close timing of the two albums, some have also theorized that it's possible Beyoncé will receive a songwriting credit for one of Taylor's new tracks from her upcoming album "The Tortured Poets Department."

Given their combined star power, it's easy to see why fans are so thrilled by the possibility that the two collaborated for the first time.

Although Beyoncé is a few years older than Taylor, the two definitely broke big in similar eras, and one of the most remarkable things about both of their careers is the way that they have managed to endure and transform themselves as music has shifted around them. The fact that they had never collaborated before feels surprising.

Of course, the possibility that the two of them had collaborated in such a low-key way had some fans eager for something more full-throated. While it's possible that will be coming, for now, we'll have to be content with the theorizing as to whether the two even worked together at all.

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