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This Boss Is Firing People Who Won't Sign up to Be a Liver Donor for His Brother


This seems like a story out of a horror movie. American Horror Story: Workplace. On Ask a Manager, we see a lot of crazy letters from employees wondering if the thing their boss is doing is ethical or allowed, but this is beyond that. This is deranged. This is illegal! This story will make you super glad you don't work for this guy. 

"I have a situation that is so out there I almost wouldn't believe it if it wasn't happening to me," writes a concerned employee. They go on to explain that they work for a fairly average-sized company with three branches and around 100 employees. The owner of the company has a brother who is in need of a liver transplant. Obviously a very serious thing. But, "two weeks ago, a company-wide memo went out that all employees would be required to undergo testing to see if they were a suitable liver donor for the owner's brother. No exceptions."

Source: iStock Photo