All Four Formes of Deoxys Will Have Shiny Variants During 'Pokémon GO's' Season of Light

Sara Belcher - Author

Sep. 9 2022, Updated 1:29 p.m. ET

Though the developers of Pokémon GO have repeatedly made elusive and powerful Pokémon (including Legendary and Mythical Pokémon) available in the game, there are some that are still particularly difficult to capture in the game.

Thankfully, Deoxys, one of these extremely elusive yet incredibly powerful Pokémon, will be available to capture during the Pokémon GO Season of Light. Players will even be able to capture all of its four formes — but can you get a shiny Deoxys during this time?

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Can you get a shiny Deoxys in 'Pokémon GO'?

For the start of September, all four of Deoxy's different formes will appear as raid bosses in Pokémon GO — and serious collectors will want to hop on this opportunity to capture the incredibly rare Pokémon, as it's rarely available in the game. This also means that players will want to try to catch its shiny variant during this period, as it may be some time before the powerful Pokémon appears in the game again.

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While not all of the different formes previously had shiny versions available in Pokémon GO, for the Season of Light event in September 2022, players will have a chance to catch all shiny versions of Deoxys. Normal Deoxys' shiny variant was added to the game in August 2020, while the Attack, Speed, and Defense Formes all received shiny variants in February 2022.

Since all four formes are only available between Sept. 1–13, there will be a very small window of time for players to capture the shiny versions of this Pokémon — so you'll want to act quickly and really grind to catch them.

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Which Deoxys Forme is the best?

Of the four different formes of Deoxys you can catch, each of them has different IVs that make them better suited for different parts of battle. Here's a breakdown of the different stats:

  • Normal Deoxys – Attack: 345, Defense: 115, Stamina: 137, Max CP: 3573
  • Attack Deoxys – Attack: 414, Defense: 46, Stamina: 137, Max CP: 2916
  • Defense Deoxys – Attack: 144, Defense: 330, Stamina: 137, Max CP: 2570
  • Speed Deoxys – Attack: 230, Defense: 218, Stamina: 137, Max CP: 3255
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While it would be easy to argue that Normal or Speed Deoxys are some of the better formes of this Pokemon, since so much of battling in Pokemon GO is centered around being able to withstand plenty of attacks from an opponent, Defense Deoxys' 330 defense stat makes it a great contender — especially if you use its type to your advantage while in battle.

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How to catch shiny Deoxys.

For all four formes of Deoxys, you'll need to participate in five-star raids as they become available. The shiny version of this Pokémon has a yellow body instead of Deoxys' usual red exterior, and while the shiny version doesn't offer any additional stat bonuses, they're still essential to collect for any Pokémon connoisseur.

Unfortunately, though Deoxys has a boosted shiny spawn rate of 5% versus the traditional 0.2% of other Pokémon, you're still not likely to find it on your first encounter.

This means that you'll likely have to participate in multiple five-star raids in a day during this window, so you'll need to be sure you have a stockpile of Premium Raid Passes.

Once you've defeated Deoxys during a raid at your local gym, you'll be given an opportunity to capture it to add to your own collection. You may have to go to different gyms to find the different formes of Deoxys, especially if you're shiny hunting them.

If the Deoxys that appears following the end of your raid is not a shiny Deoxys, unfortunately you will have to participate in another five-star raid for another chance to find its shiny variant.

Remember, the quicker you defeat the Pokémon in a raid, the more Premiere Balls you're awarded to capture it with. Team up with friends to complete raids quicker and give yourself a higher chance at catching this particularly powerful Mythical Pokémon.

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