What's Carl Radke's Job? 'Summer House' Fans Need to Know

In Season 8, Lindsay has been pushing Carl to take more initiative with his career. This led us to wonder, what is Carl's job, if he has one?

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Mar. 18 2024, Updated 10:17 p.m. ET

Carl from 'Summer House'
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In the past few years, Carl Radke has gone through a ton of changes on Summer House. He got sober, started dating co-star Lindsay Hubbard, got engaged to her during Summer House Season 7, and subsequently broke the engagement just months before the wedding.

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One topic of discussion this season has been Carl's employment or lack thereof. Lindsay has been pushing and encouraging him to take more initiative with his career. This led us to wonder, what is Carl's job, if he has one? Keep reading for all of the details.

Carl Radke at BravoCon 2023
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Does Carl Radke from 'Summer House' have a job?

Carl recently created a new consulting and media company called Radke Boys. The company website mentions his advocacy, public speaking work, and charitable work. It looks like he's planning on starting a podcast and writing a book as well.

In an Instagram post, Carl said, "The idea I had was to honor my brother and continue to carry on his legacy of wanting to help people but also have a place for my professional passions in business, public speaking, film, and wellness. My goal is also to offer help through my experiences, encouraging open dialogue about sobriety and mental health, and to be an inspiration for personal growth and transformation. I’m choosing to recover out loud to help people in silence."

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It seems that Carl is also still connected with Loverboy as well, but it isn't clear whether he is working with them full time. He recently published an Instagram post promoting Loverboy's non-alcoholic products.

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In Season 8 of Summer House, Carl has been going back and forth about different career options. Lindsay said he spent $20,000 on a career coach to help him figure out which path was right for him. He talked about starting a podcast, becoming a motivational speaker, and opening a sober sports bar.

Lindsay immediately shot down the sports bar idea, but now that they've broken up, we're curious if he plans to move forward with that prospect. As for inspirational speaking, Carl has already done a gig or two. He recently posted about an appearance he made at East Carolina University, where he offered tips on "safe and healthy spring breaking."

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We've been watching Carl and Lindsay's relationship crumble before our eyes on Summer House Season 8. The reoccurring argument they seem to keep replaying goes as follows: the pair will go out with friends, and Lindsay will have a few drinks. Carl will ask Lindsay how many drinks she has had, and then she will ask Carl if he's using drugs again. Carl will bring up the incident when Lindsay is sober, and she doesn't think that anything she said was offensive.

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Let's take a look at Carl Radke's career timeline.

Carl went to Syracuse University and got a Bachelor of Science degree in Radio, Television, and Digital Communication. Carl was an assistant on the TV show Criminal Minds before switching industries and becoming a sales professional at multiple companies.

Carl worked for the company Yotpo in 2018 before he was fired. We actually got to see his process of finding a new job on Summer House.

Luckily for Carl, he had a best friend named Kyle Cooke, who was more than happy to welcome him onto the Loverboy team. In 2019, Carl did Sales Business Development before being promoted to VP of Sales in October 2020.

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Now what does a VP of Sales do exactly? Well, according to Workable, "The Vice President of Sales (VP of Sales) is a professional who oversees all sales operations in a company. They are tasked with creating strategies that will exceed goals for their organization."

We do know that part of Carl's job entailed doing in-person events promoting Loverboy. The above Instagram post was for a launch event at a restaurant.

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Carl captioned the post: "24 Hours in Pittsburgh for our @drinkloverboy launch with @coopdevillepgh Arguably the best spot in the city and they carry LB! Thanks to our distributor partner @fuhrereaglesales for all your help in bringing our premium products to Western PA. We are now available statewide in PA so check our website locator to find retailers! Pro tip check @sheetz."

Carl working events is actually one of the things that caused a disconnect between him and Kyle in Season 7 of Summer Hosue. In Season 7, Episode 4, Carl and Kyle had a meeting to discuss his role.

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In a clip from the episode, Carl says, "I've been basically wearing the VP of Sales hat, and then I've got to go be the guy that's the face of the brand, and I've got to go be the guy doing public appearances and meeting people... it's just a ton." Kyle then brings up an email that Carl wrote saying that he was working 90 hours a week, when Kyle wasn't even sure he was working 40.

The meeting was actually very productive, and Kyle wanted to help Carl evaluate where he was spending his time and to use it wisely, and wants to make sure that Carl is doing what he likes doing.

Whether or not Carl is still currently the VP of Sales isn't clear, but he definitely is still involved in Loverboy in some way, since he is still promoting some of the products on his Instagram page. And let's be real, he's still the VP of Summer House.

Make sure to check out new episodes of Summer House every Thursday at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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