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YouTuber Leaves Note With Info on Car He Scratched, Was Floored by Follow-Up Text



Human beings under pressure or at the first sign of discomfort for the most part, suck. Whenever a more comfortable option presents itself, even if it's not the right thing to do, our species will usually take it. How many times have you been cut off by an inconsiderate driver, or attended a party where some clueless moron with poor manners has no idea when to shut up, and you can't help but wonder or express in anguish, "Who the heck raised this person?!"

But then again, there are some folks who uphold themselves to a standard of integrity. YouTuber Casey Neistat demonstrated the he's one of those individuals after he accidentally scratched a stranger's car.

Now maybe Casey's reported net worth of $16 million (could be more) has something to do with his ability to go around willy-nilly paying for car damage he caused, but it was still cool of him to take the time to leave a note on the stranger's car with his information so they could repair the damage.

Keep in mind: this occurred recently, as in, you know, during this whole COVID-19 pandemic.

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Most states have implemented stay-at-home orders to curb the spread of the virus, but it's no secret that the more densely populated areas of the country, specifically cities like New York, Los Angeles, and parts of Northern New Jersey, have it the worst.

While being cooped up all day and unable to participate in all of the wonderful activities you've enjoyed all of your life, it's easy to get down on your local government for being a party pooper.

And Casey's been pretty hard on Los Angeles for their response to the coronavirus pandemic. Some feel that restrictions the city and California as a whole have put in place are a bit extreme, like filling skate parks up with dirt and sand to prevent people from going out to skate. Meanwhile, as Casey points out, there are throngs of homeless people in the state wondering how they will get their next meal. Nice priorities.

It's also easy to get down on L.A. culture, the obvious stereotype being that people from the city of angels are "fake", self-centered, and selfish. I can't personally vouch for that, as all of my knowledge of California comes from the dozen or so trips I've taken there and multiple viewings of Point Break.

But that may be the reason why Casey was so floored by the response he received from the individual's car he hit.

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The owner did indeed get back to him, but told Casey to not worry about paying him for the scratch. Instead, he urged the YouTuber to donate the money he would spend on repairs, to a local food bank instead. There are a growing number of folks who have no idea how they're going to financially survive in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and every little bit of charity helps.

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Casey was understandably impressed by the individual's magnanimity, so he immediately donated the $250 he would've otherwise spent on fixing the scratched car and sent a screenshot of the donation receipt. 

Casey shared his touching interaction with the car owner on Twitter, and tons of other folks applauded the stranger's actions.

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Source: Twitter

Oddly enough, there were a lot of people who were concerned with Casey's penmanship, while others tried to find a way to devalue the good deed and insult the YouTuber. Yeah, remember what I said about the majority of humanity sucking at the top of this article?

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My favorite part of this entire exchange Casey had with the owner, though, are the hang-loose emojis the guy caps of his final message with. So California, love it. (Again, Point Break had surfers in it, so, I'm assuming.)

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