This Christmas Lights Fuse Hack May Save Your Sanity This Holiday Season

Melissa Willets - Author

Dec. 7 2023, Published 12:51 p.m. ET

The Gist:

  • A Christmas lights fuse hack will save you money and time when decorating your home this holiday season.
  • The tip, which was shared on TikTok, blew the mind of hundreds if not thousands of users.
  • Some people are shocked everyone doesn't already know this "life-changing" how-to.
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Where was this Christmas lights hack when Clark Griswold needed it?

A TikToker may have saved the holiday season by sharing a little-known hack that fixes "broken" Christmas lights. Our minds were blown — so prepare to have your life changed in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

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So what is this Christmas lights fuse hack that is so groundbreaking?

We've all been there, aggravated as all heck when you plug in your Christmas lights, and, drumroll please... nothing!

So, do you meticulously check each bulb like Clark Griswold did in Christmas Vacation? Do you toss your lights in the trash in a huff, and head back to the store to buy another strand? Not after you try this hack.

As TikTok creator @alwaysandforever528 shares in a viral video, everything you need to fix your holiday lights is already on hand. It turns out that the little box on the plug opens! And inside? Extra fuses!

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As the creator shares, inside "these bags that people don't care about" — you know, the ones that come with your lights, that contain the extra bulbs we all put aside and promptly forget — are extra fuses.

And it's actually pretty easy to change out the fuses and restore your lights to all of their sparkly holiday glory!

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Here's how to change the fuses on your holiday lights with an easy hack.

As creator Bobbie Ewers shares, all you do is pop open the fuse box on the plug at the end of the strand of Christmas lights, remove the defunct fuses (she uses a pair of tweezers to do this), and then place the new fuses, from the bag no one cares about, inside the box.

After you close the lid on the tiny box, try plugging in the lights again. What do you know? They'll work!

Commenters were flummoxed by this incredible hack that has been living underneath our noses for years.

"You're telling me I have been throwing away my Christmas lights for the past seven years and all I had to do was this?" demanded one such person incredulously.

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Of course, while hundreds of commenters shared this brand of unbridled amazement, others couldn't believe that everyone doesn't already know about this.

"I'm shocked people don't know this," lamented TikToker after TikToker, with one saying "it's scary" that people are unaware of this information.

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To be fair, step-by-step instructions on how to replace fuses in Christmas light strands have been available online for more than a decade, so this TikTok is not the first piece of content to share what many social media uses view as life-changing tips.

Nonetheless, plenty of TikTok users view this Christmas lights fuse hack as proof that despite the firestorm of bad press the social sharing site has received in recent years, TikTok can be used for good.

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