Former McDonald's Corporate Chef Shares Hacks and Insider Secrets About the Chain (EXCLUSIVE)

This former McDonald's corporate chef has started his own TikTok where he shares all sorts of trade secrets and hacks you can try on your orders.

Callie (Carlos) Cadorniga - Author

Sep. 12 2023, Published 7:01 p.m. ET

People have all sorts of fantasies about what they would do after they leave a job they don't like. In the best-case scenario, you're able to leave one job for another one that can provide more opportunities for you. You might even leave and take the chance to talk about all the things that you might have complained about in your old job.

But when you quit a place as auspicious as McDonald's, you're likely taking away some interesting info with you.

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Mike Haracz hasn't been afraid to use those secrets he has on the fast food restaurant chain. As a former McDonald's corporate chef, he's learned a lot about how the place operates both in the kitchen and on the business end of things. Since leaving his job, he's been bold enough to share some secrets and hacks that he encourages people to use at the restaurant.

We spoke to Mike about his TikTok, and he wasn't shy in his response.

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This former McDonald's chef shares hacks and secrets about the chain.

According to his TikTok bio (@chefmikeharacz), Mike is a lover of video games, metal music, and Dungeons & Dragons. As far as his TikTok content goes, however, he mostly posts about what he's learned working at McDonald's.

A considerable step up from your average fry cook, a corporate chef oversees the management of their designated kitchen. Not only are they responsible for day-to-day operations, but they also oversee business strategies and always strive to improve the quality and efficiency of a kitchen.

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Though Mike no longer works at McDonald's, he's taken what he's learned from his lofty position and has since shared some trade secrets as well as ordering hacks that one can use for some good eats. In one of his most popular videos, he suggests that for a really good burger, "don't order a Big Mac."

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Instead, he strongly suggests ordering a "McDouble like a Mac." This order uses roughly the same ingredients as a Big Mac save for the middle bun and is cheaper and better than the average Big Mac, according to Mike.

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Aside from money-saving tips at McDonald's, he also has tasty hacks that he's been happy to share with his growing fanbase of nearly 200,000 followers. In another video, he suggests ordering whatever burger you like but requesting a steamed bun with your order.

He's also shared some trade secrets about the chain. Throughout his videos, he talks about why certain beloved items go missing from the menu every so often, the different ingredients that make McDonald's food so different, and the difference between asking for unseasoned fries and requesting to wait for fresh fries when you order.

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We reached out to Mike to ask him why he's decided to use his platform on TikTok to expose some of these fun little tips and tricks at the restaurant. He spoke as plainly as he does in his TikToks with his response.

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"Because I am leveraging my former employment for my own personal gain," Mike answered.

There you have it! As a former McDonald's corporate chef, Mike is both willing and eager to talk about what makes the place tick.

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