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Source: BattleBots

This Team of "Mad Scientists From the Future" Is Looking to Dominate the 'BattleBots' Landscape


It was the year 2000, and Comedy Central was airing all sorts of interesting and innovative programs, which included a little show called BattleBots. The program featured a slew of tech teams who created glorified RC monstrosities that fought for dominance in a cage. The machines not only had to worry about fighting each other in the competition; however, but had to avoid hazards like buzzsaws coming out of the ground.

Well, now BattleBots is back in 2019 with a slew of new teams, including the quirky group of Team Chronos.

Each team is named after the robot's they've constructed: Axe Backwards, BattleSaw, Bite Force, Black Dragon, Blacksmith, Bloodsport... there are honestly too many to list here. 

But the total number of competitors that'll be duking it out in the BattleBots arena is a whopping 69 in total.