Woman Uses Chuck-E-Cheese Card to Open Hotel Door, and People Are Shocked

Pretty Honore - Author

Aug. 28 2023, Published 2:55 p.m. ET

Everyone longs for a break from the monotony of everyday life. If only for a moment, we’d all take the opportunity to be whisked away to a luxe hotel to escape our regular routines. But there are some precautions travelers should consider when planning a getaway.

Of course, it’s imperative that you scour Yelp and Google for reviews to make sure that where you’re staying is free of bed bugs and rodents.

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But as someone who has had their car broken into in the parking lot of a 4-star hotel, I can assure you that safety should be your first priority when booking a stay — especially after this woman showed social media how to enter a hotel without a room key.

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This woman used a Chuck E. Cheese card to open a hotel entrance.

How safe can you really be in a building full of strangers? One TikTok user named @harpertheauthor unlocked a new fear when she opened a locked hotel entrance using only a Chuck E. Cheese card.

Harper didn't share what hotel she was in at the time of the incident, but it made everyone wonder if this was a fluke or a threat to national security. In the comments, she explained how she found out about the hotel hack in the first place.

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“We came back from Chuck E. Cheese’s and I was trynna pull my room card out, but pulled that out. Decided to try anyway to see what would happen,” she said. But other users feel otherwise.

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Most believed that sharing this information online could be problematic, and commenters didn’t bite their tongues about it. Here's how social media reacted ...

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Social media reacts to Chuck E. Cheese room key hack: “Now you giving thieves the idea to break in.”

Viewers were shocked by the revelation and shared their concerns. “Y’all be showing too much to TikTok with all these weirdos and predators just browsing for new ideas,” one user wrote.

@Belleofhair commented: “This isn’t safe to showcase.”

However, Harper insisted that the hack was harmless. According to her, the trick only worked at the entrance, not on the hotel room doors — or so she thinks. “Lol it only works to get into the hotel, doesn’t work on the room door. Not my room at least,” she clarified.

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“Now you giving thieves the idea to break in,” another person chimed in.

“It ain’t breaking in when anybody can walk in through the lobby,” Harper replied to the user alongside a crying laughing emoji. “What they gone steal? Door handles? Free breakfast?”

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It was definitely disturbing to see how easily strangers can enter a hotel. In fact, one commenter revealed that tech-savvy individuals use RFID cards to break into way more than hotel lobbies.

"Look up RFID programming. You can honestly probably get into more places than that,” @mmillz116 wrote.

@44bandz noted: “It’s outdated any card will open it.”

With this information in mind, please stay safe out here, folks!

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