The Coloring Book Challenge Is a Fun Way to Spot Relationship Differences

A new and wholesome trend on TikTok involves comparing coloring book designs with someone else to spot the different ways you see the world.


Nov. 15 2023, Published 10:22 a.m. ET

The Gist:

  • The coloring book challenge involves coloring pages in and comparing them with the same pages colored in by someone else.
  • The differences between the two designs aren't meant to cause strife or grief in a relationship. They're meant to highlight the ways every person sees the world differently.
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There are many trends and challenges on TikTok that are arguably destructive or at least problematic. Of course, there are also plenty of totally wholesome trends on the platform, and those trends can often be uniquely insightful or revealing.

One such trend that falls into that second bucket is the coloring book challenge, which has taken over the platform. The challenge really hones in on the way two people can be compatible with one another, but still see the world differently. Many people want to know what the coloring book challenge is and how they can take part in it. Keep reading for all the details.

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What is the coloring book challenge on TikTok?

The coloring book challenge involves comparing how two people color the pages of digital coloring books differently. In essence, it asks two people to take a blank white page and put whatever colors they want in each segment. The results can sometimes be fascinatingly different. For a married couple, one person might use a lot of pink, while the other might use a lot of gray.

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As many TikTok users who have done the trend or simply watched a bunch of videos of it know, it's really designed to showcase how you can see the world differently from someone else. Whether you know the people participating in the trend or not, it can often be illuminating to understand how two different people think about the world around them.

Here's how to do the coloring book challenge yourself.

If you're looking for a way to participate in the coloring book challenge, there are a few different free coloring book apps you can use. You can use the Pigment app, which allows you to color pages that you take from TikTok. You can also use the My Coloring Book Free app, which gives you both coloring pages and the ability to color them yourself. From there, you'll have to choose the pages you want to use for the challenge.

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However you choose to do your coloring, though, the important thing is to find someone in your life whom you want to compare designs with. Many users have chosen to do this with a romantic partner, but that doesn't have to be the only way you complete the challenge.

You could also compare designs with a close friend, relative, or anyone else in your life who you think might have meaningful differences with. The trend is designed to be peaceful and relaxing. The comparisons aren't meant to suggest that there's anything wrong or fraught in a relationship. Everyone's different and the coloring book challenge helps to highlight those differences in a kind and proactive way.

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