Woman Shares That It Took 20 Minutes to Find the Water Spout in Her Confusing Smart Fridge

After extensive Google searches and social media browsing, a woman finally finds the water spout on her confusing smart fridge. Details here.

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Sep. 14 2023, Updated 11:23 a.m. ET

Thanks to technology, everything in our lives has received major upgrades — from cellular devices to can openers. Naturally, technology is designed to make our lives easier and provide results in an instant. However, as technology continues to blossom, some folks still have difficulties moving forward with the times.

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Case in point: One woman on TikTok hilariously shared her grievances with her confusing smart fridge water spout. While feeling parched and in need of a drink of water, it took her nearly 20 minutes to find the water spout. Here’s what went down.

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A woman shares her struggle to find a water spout in her confusing smart fridge.

It could all be so simple. In an Aug. 5, 2023 TikTok video, creator Tara Marie (@tmkd15) shared how she struggled to find the water spout in her confusing smart fridge.

“These 'smart' fridges have really [gotten] too complex for me. It took me a solid 15-20 minutes of effort and research to get water from my best friend’s @Samsung bespoke fridge,” the video caption reads.

As the video starts, a silver fridge is in the frame with a text overlay that reads, “Me at 7 a.m. dying of thirst and unable to find any water in this 'smart fridge.'"

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Tara then opens the fridge and shows the contents of the fridge. She shared that it’s early in the morning and she’s dying for a drink of water.

“Where ... could this water thing be hiding,” Tara said. "There’s a water filter. So there’s water, right?”

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Tara shared that she’s opened all the compartments to no avail.

“There’s a water spout somewhere in this stupid smart fridge,” Tara said.

After opening the freezer compartments and re-opening the fridge, Tara then looks to Google for answers. She even texts a friend and looks at social media.

“So I thought to myself, surely TikTok will have the answer,” the text overlay reads on a TikTok search.

Tara shared that after looking through 10 TikTok videos, she finally found someone with the fridge who helped her.

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“I see her open it and I’m like, ‘OK, I’m not crazy. There is water in this fridge.' All I have to do is open the doors,” Tara said.

Interestingly, it took Tara some time to play with the doors and compartments in the exterior of the fridge before she finally found the right section.

“I’m feeling and I find it,” Tara said. “Yeah! Here we go. I have never been so happy to find water in my entire life.”

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TikTok users with a similar fridge understand Tara’s plight.

We all love major appliance upgrades, but Tara’s video shows that it can be hard to find the simplest things when you need them the most. And since the Samsung fridge is popular on TikTok, many people who own the appliance shared their initial struggle.

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“My dad has this fridge and I was so confused the first time I tried to get water out of it,” one user said.

“OMG. My friends have this fridge and I just used the sink for months because I was too embarrassed to ask,” another person shared.

Now that the case of finding the water spout has been solved, quenching your thirst should not be an issue moving forward.

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