Viral Video of a Couple "Triggered" by the 'Oppenheimer' Sex Scene Has an Unexpected Backstory

A couple gets triggered by the ‘Oppenheimer’ sex scene and the video goes viral, sparking parody videos and a barrage of hateful comments.

Jamie Lerner - Author

Aug. 21 2023, Published 3:11 p.m. ET

Whenever something goes viral, it’s typically for good reason. Either it’s hilarious or uncomfortable or cringe-worthy — and the video about a couple getting “triggered” by the Oppenheimer sex scene is somehow all of the above. But what we don’t realize is where the video came from and why that matters.

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In a since-archived TikTok video that’s been circulating around Twitter, Jourdan Kehr answers the question of how to watch the Florence Pugh and Cillian Murphy sex scene in Oppenheimer without getting “triggered.” Without context, the video seems to prove why some people are called “snowflakes.” But with more information, we realize that Jourdan is actually discussing something very important.

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TikToker Jourdan Kehr discusses how to avoid triggering porn addiction when seeing sex scenes in films.

On its face, the clip of Jourdan discussing how she and her husband discuss going to movies, like Oppenheimer, with notable sex scenes seems absurdly hilarious. Who needs to talk about a sex scene and “make a plan” before going to see the film? And who nestles into their wife’s shoulder when naked breasts appear on-screen? It really seems like a step way too far for any couple.

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It was so ridiculous to the internet that some people have even made parody videos. Twitter user Alex Friedman made a video she called “Advice for watching Shrek 2 with your husband” to mock the original video. In the video, she says things like, “Obviously I knew about the blasphemous relationship between donkey and dragon,” and jokes that her “husband” is “triggered” by the word “Puss,” the name of Puss in Boots.

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Obviously, the parody clip is silly and laugh-worthy, and it’s totally fair that Alex took the opportunity from the reactions to the original clip to make her own.

The original circulating clip prompted responses like, “Guy who sees a movie about the creation of the most destructive weapon created in the history of mankind that psychologically destroyed every generation that followed but needs to look away from the screen when there are breasteses.”

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However, when we dive into Jourdan’s account, we learn that she is passionately against the porn industry and the harm it does to people’s minds. Some might call her overly sensitive, but there is scientific evidence that pornography can change people’s brains. Jourdan’s TikTok bio says, “Hidden corn use in monogamous relationships is infidelity.” (She says and types "corn" instead of "porn.")

While some people might feel entitled to mock Jourdan for her use of censorship, she makes some good points and talks about a controversial issue that many are afraid to discuss. Women can be seen as “uncool” if they don’t let their partners watch and enjoy porn, but the research behind pornography proves that it can change men’s perceptions and expectations of women, including their partners.

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So here’s the issue — is the scene in Oppenheimer pornographic? No way! But for someone struggling with porn addiction, it could be “triggering.” Jourdan has discussed her husband’s journey with porn addiction on her TikTok, so the fact that she’s sharing this with the world as a guide to help other couples is both selfless and scary!

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Now, we will admit that the sex scene in Oppenheimer does seem vital to the film. Its emotional height couldn’t be reached without the conflicting emotions of Oppenheimer at that moment. But if Jourdan’s husband needs to close his eyes in order to not open a portal to porn addiction, then the couple did the right thing.

So now that we know the full story, maybe it’s worth remembering to think before we mock.

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