Season 3 of 'Couples Therapy' Returns With Four New Couples — Who's Who in the Reality Show Cast?

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May 5 2023, Published 2:17 p.m. ET

Dr. Orna Guralnik in 'Couples Therapy'
Source: Showtime

If a romantic couple hits a rough patch in their relationship, some of them will seek out couples therapy in an attempt to receive professional help in fixing the problems they have with each other. It takes hard work and plenty of emotional challenges to overcome these kinds of problems with another person, but couples therapy can be a great way for people to manage and repair aspects of their romances.

To that end, the aptly-named Couples Therapy reality series chronicles some of these efforts.

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As the name suggests, Couples Therapy follows couples' sessions with professional therapist Orna Guralnik. The show shares some of the deeper and sometimes-harrowing processes couples go through to fix their relationships. The show began its third season in May 2022, following four couples on their recovery paths.

In April 2023, the show returned with a second part to Season 3 which began streaming on Showtime. Get to know all the old and new couples in the cast for Season 3 of Couples Therapy.

Dr. Orna Guralnik
Source: Showtime

Cyn and Yaya were in the cast for Season 3, Part 1 of 'Couples Therapy'.

(l-r) Yaya and Cyn
Source: Showtime

The first part of Season 3 featured the married couple Cyn and Yaya, who ran into issues when Cyn admitted that she lacked a sexual connection with her wife after an abusive past experience. According to The Cinemaholic, the two of them are still together and continue to work through their issues in an amicable way.

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India and Dale

India and Dale Browne found grew to love each other during the initial COVID-19 breakout, though their relationship reportedly devolved into constant arguments. In an August 2022 interview with The Grio, the couple credited the show and Dr. Guralnik for saving their relationship.

"Therapy is extremely helpful in decoding [your issues] and helping you navigate when it's flaring up," India told The Grio. "[It helps] to communicate that to your partner ... to calm yourself down or to switch your complete train of thinking."

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Molly and Josh

(l-r) Molly and Josh
Source: Showtime

This married couple of more than two decades has had their fair share of problems before appearing on the show. Both of them cheated on each other and grew to resent one another in their relationship. Molly wanted to work through those issues while Josh was content with leaving things in the past.

The Cinemaholic reports that the two of them are still together, though they still struggle to mend their marriage.

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Ping and Will

(L-R) Will and Ping
Source: Showtime

Ping and Will have sent each other aggressively-mixed signals in their marriage. Having met each other under the pretense of an open relationship, the two of them continued to show signs of intimacy with other people after tying the knot.

Ultimately, they decided that they couldn't make it work, confirming that they just weren't right for each other.

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Erica and Sean are featured in Season 3, Part 2 of 'Couples Therapy'

(l-r) Erica and Sean
Source: Showtime

The second part of Season 3 features Erica and Sean. They begin seeing Dr. Guralnik after Sean's constant two-timing became an issue for them, especially considering that he believed that his wife approved.

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Brock and Kristi

(l-r) Brock and Kristi
Source: Showtime

Brock and Kristi have been married for 15 years, but their decision to leave their Mormon church created strife for them. After Kristi convinced Brock to have an open relationship after leaving their church, she ended up having a fling with the one person whom Brock asked her not to be with.

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Christine and Nadine

(l-r) Christine and Nadine
Source: Showtime

This openly queer couple visits Dr. Guralnik in their efforts to transition to polyamory, or having multiple romantic partners at once. The professional therapist asks them to confront the necessity of polyamory in their own romantic lives.

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Natasha and Josh

(l-r) Natasha and Josh
Source: Showtime

Natasha and Josh struggle with a lack of intimacy on Josh's part, which Dr. Guralnick attributes to their past traumas affecting them in the present.

Stream previous seasons and new episodes of Couples Therapy on Showtime.

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