"He Got You Nothing, You Got Him Everything": Video of Couple's V-Day Gift Exchange Sparks Debate

Elizabeth Randolph - Author

Jan. 24 2024, Published 11:49 a.m. ET

It’s incredibly shocking, but Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it. However, if you’ve shopped in a grocery or department store since Christmas ended, you’ll know many of them have already been stung by Cupid, as its aisles are covered with Valentine’s Day goodies.

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With “love day” on the horizon, several couples have begun shopping for each other’s gifts. In January 2024, one couple took TikTok viewers along as they searched for items they felt the other one would enjoy. Unfortunately, the couple’s cute gesture didn’t bode well with social media onlookers, with many begging the woman in the equation to leave her man.

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A couple has different takes on what a good Valentine’s Day gift basket looks like.

While some argue you should celebrate your partner and relationship daily, couples often go the extra mile on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is often where long-term couples get engaged or even married. Additionally, the day can be a perfect opportunity to hard launch a new bae.

Even for those who aren’t planning a life change or a reveal on Feb. 14, many still want to go all out for their significant other. On Jan. 18, 2024, one couple, Ingrid and Rece, decided to get a head-start on shopping for Valentine’s Day baskets at their local Target.

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Ingrid and Rece, who have a joint account called @ingridandrece0, recorded themselves having a date night where they gave one another 30 seconds to pick out gifts they thought the other would like and put them in a wicker basket. In the video, Ingrid sets the timer before the couple separates to begin shopping. Ingrid then records her basket, which includes many of Rece’s favorite things like a PlayStation 5 controller, a gaming gift card, a Red Lobster and Domino’s gift card, a Stanley tumbler, and more.

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After their shopping excursion, Ingrid and Rece gave each other their gift baskets. As Ingrid unboxed Rece’s gift, she found some things she liked and some that could’ve stayed at Target. Ingrid showed that Rece had bought her a Valentine’s Day Stanley that was the same as she had gotten him, but in hot pink. However, he also gifted her a few things she, hopefully, didn’t need, like a pregnancy test.

“A pregnancy test, really?” Ingrid asked on camera.

Rece also gifted Ingrid several more miscellaneous items, such as a throw blanket, an Instax mini camera, chocolate, makeup remover wipes, and a candle.

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The couple’s TikTok commenters pointed out the differences in their baskets.

By the end of Ingrid and Rece’s video, Ingrid was seemingly impressed by her boyfriend’s efforts. Unfortunately, many commenters who watched their TikTok ran to social media to judge the differences in their Valentine’s Day baskets.

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While the couple never disclosed their budget for each other’s gifts, social media quickly assumed that Ingrid paid more for Rece’s items than he did hers. And although I’m not counting the couple’s pockets, I know just one PlayStation 5 controller costs about $60-70, almost three times more than an average pregnancy test cost.

“You spent more money than he did 😫😂,” one user pointed out. “But seriously though... I'm broke.”

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The Valentine’s Day basket discourse also made its way to X, formerly Twitter. On the app, one user, @redseashawty, shared the TikTok and said if she was in Ingrid’s position she would’ve “started crying so bad, and not from joy I’ll tell you that much.” Several users agreed with the X user and said they would’ve been insulted by Rece’s gift.

“The pregnancy test is literally a threat like…” one user wrote.

“Her gifts were so good too smh bro disappointed me,” another said.

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“So she knows everything he likes, but aside from a Stanley he doesn’t know what his girl likes???” a third commenter said.

"He got you nothing and you got him everything," someone else wrote.

Fortunately, not everyone was upset with Rece after seeing his gesture. Many people who watched the video, including myself, thought the idea was adorable and creative. And if Ingrid liked her gift, that’s all that matters!

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