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Craig Conover's New Girlfriend Was Reluctant to Appear on 'Southern Charm' at First



The bachelors of Southern Charm are ready to settle down. Shep Rose revealed that he found true love with Taylor Ann Green in May 2020, and one of his oldest friends, Craig Conover, is about to make a similar announcement. 

The owner of Sewing Down South has been spending a lot of time with a mystery woman — who could turn out to be one whom he was looking for all along. So, what's there to know about Craig's new girlfriend? 

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'Southern Charm' fans, we have bad news: Craig Conover is officially taken.

As Craig revealed during a recent episode of The Daily Dish Podcast, he and the mystery woman first met in Aspen, Colo., in January 2020. They started talking more regularly during the quarantine — which is when they both realized that they wanted something more. As the star of Southern Charm informed the outlet, his lady love even traveled from Florida to Charleston, S.C., just to spend more time with him. 

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"We were just friends [...], and then, during quarantine, we started to chat like on Instagram and started to text [...] She came up, and we got to quarantine together, which was awesome," Craig told Megan Segura, the host of The Daily Dish Podcast. 

Unlike some couples, Craig and his new girlfriend had no trouble getting through the quarantine. As the star revealed, spending a lot of time together turned out to be immensely beneficial for their relationship, as they have grown much closer to each other. 

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"But learning how to be out of quarantine with each other has been the challenge [...] I thought if you can quarantine together, that means you’re fine, because that's what a lot of couples will struggle with, is being together all the time. But what you don't realize is we were in the honeymoon phase in a bubble, protected from the outside world," Craig added later on.

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As Craig revealed on The Daily Dish Podcast, the first problems began to emerge once he and his new partner were no longer living together. Ever since the restrictions were lifted, he and his new love interest have been busy trying to make adjustments. 

"We had to take a step back [...] When quarantine ended, we were still kind of staying with each other [...] You have to reset and go back to normal life," he added. 

Unfortunately for fans, Craig has kept some crucial details about his girlfriend a secret. For instance, her name is yet to be revealed. Likewise,  he has yet to post a photograph of her on social media. It's understood that she will make a few appearances on Season 7 of Southern Charm, even though she was reluctant to join the cast of the show at first. 

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"She didn’t want to film at all. She was more the person like, 'Well, that’s your thing,' which is good because you don’t really want to date someone who wants to be on TV. The problem is, is then you’re sacrificing some stuff. I would have loved to show more, but you get to see a little bit, which is good," Craig remarked. 

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Craig and his girlfriend have already earned the approval of some 'Southern Charm' cast members.

"I've met his current woman friend. [...] She's really sweet, really beautiful, very quiet. I think that's what Craig needs. He kinda needs like a stoic, strong, quiet girl, so he can be the social butterfly and feel confident and manly," Leva Bonaparte said in a recent interview with Us Weekly

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