The Cast Members of ‘Southern Charm’ Are Rich, but Exactly How Rich Are They?

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Oct. 12 2023, Updated 3:36 p.m. ET

'Southern Charm' Season 9 cast
Source: Bravo

The Gist:

  • Southern Charm follows both the personal and professional lives of several socialites from South Carolina.
  • Southern Charm isn't a scripted show, although some speculate that there are some "planned" moments in it.
  • There are nine seasons of Southern Charm, with the ninth season currently underway.
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There’s something mysteriously addictive about Southern Charm. The show follows the lives of a gaggle of socialites from Charleston, S.C. as they throw parties, become embroiled in feuds, and fall into and out of love with one another, all while living in fancy houses and pretty much just … being rich and southern.

And speaking of being rich, we were wondering about the net worths of the various members of the Southern Charm cast. Are they are wealthy as they come off to be or are they just charming us into thinking they are? Find out!

Here’s a look at the 'Southern Charm' cast’s net worth.

The women of 'Southern Charm' Season 9 celebrating together.
Source: Bravo

We obviously knew the cast members of Southern Charm are all quite wealthy, but just how wealthy are we talking? It seems as though there’s quite a range!

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Craig Conover

After years of people doubting whether he could do it, Craig Conover officially passed the Bar in 2018 and is an attorney. However, his law career isn’t the only thing bringing in cash. Obviously, he’s on the show, which is pretty lucrative — Radar Online reports that each main cast member makes $25,000 per episode. Craig also has his own throw pillow line and lifestyle brand. All of these ventures together put him at a net worth of approximately $400,000. Not too shabby!

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Leva Bonaparte

Leva Bonaparte has appeared as a guest on previous seasons of the show but joined as a full-time cast member starting in Season 7. The mom and wife is sure to offer an interesting new perspective to Southern Charm as she advocates for a “new south” that embraces people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. As a businesswoman involved in several different industries, Leva has a reported net worth of $3.6 million.

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Shep Rose

Shep Rose reportedly boasts a net worth of approximately $5 million — pretty incredible for the easygoing, laidback playboy! Shep apparently made some money working in real estate and also opened a restaurant in Charleston. In our opinion, though, his most valuable treasure is the fact that the Boykin spaniel (the state dog of South Carolina) was named after his family! And Lil Craig, of course.

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Austen Kroll

Austen Kroll is another Southern Charm cast member whose net worth has (so far) slipped under the radar, although sources speculate he may be worth a whopping $1 million. However, judging by what we do know about him, Austen is living a financially comfortable life. Throughout Season 5 of the show, he was “fun-employed,” indicating that money coming in from a separate job isn’t exactly a top priority. And, of course, he comes from an affluent southern family. He’s doing just fine.

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Madison LeCroy

As one of the most sought-after hair and makeup artists in Charleston, we have no doubt that Madison LeCroy is also not hurting for cash, although her actual net worth isn't publicly available at this time. Still, some sources say she may be worth somewhere around $1.5 million. As much as she values her work in the beauty industry, though, she’s clearly the most passionate about her marriage and the job of raising her 10-year-old son Hudson.

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Whitney Sudler-Smith

Whitney Sudler-Smith is one of the most talked about cast members of Southern Charm. Not only does he make his cash as a cast member of the show, but he might also collect a check for producing it. That's right, Whitney works both on and off screen for the hit series. So, what is this impressive man worth you wonder? As one of the wealthiest cast members of Southern Charm, Whitney's net worth stands at $12 million, per Celebrity Net Worth.

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Venita Aspen

Venita Aspen joined Southern Charm back in 2020, allowing her to collect a sweet check from the show and her modeling gigs. That's right! Venita is a model represented by Brandsway Creative. In terms of net worth, Venita is reportedly worth somewhere between $500,000 and $1 million, although these figures haven't been confirmed.

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Taylor Ann Green

Taylor Anne Green joined the Southern Charm cast in Season 8, and was also dating Shep at the time. Despite having moved on from that relationship (she's now dating a man named Gaston, according to Bravo), Taylor is still a regular on the show. In addition to making money from her role in reality TV, Taylor reportedly grew her net worth to $1.5 million (not confirmed) with her marketing career.

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Jarrett "JT" Thomas

After watching Jarrett Thomas join the Southern Charm cast in Season 9, fans grew quite interested in learning what he does for a living. While we can't pinpoint his net worth (some sources say he's worth between $1 million and $5 million), we do know that he makes some of his money renting out luxury properties in Charleston through Airbnb. He also rents out event space and sell merch.

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Rodrigo Reyes

Another to join the Southern Charm Season 9 cast is Rodrigo Reyes. Although he may be a new face to fans, he's well aquatinted with the other cast members. Rodrigo works as an interior designer and has been in a committed relationship with boyfriend Tyler for eight years. While we don't know exactly how much Rodrigo is worth (some say his net worth stands at $1 million), he fits in nicely with the crew.

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Olivia Flowers

Southern Charm may have welcomed Olivia Flowers into the cast during Season 8 but she spent plenty of time behind the camera prior. When she's not working as a reality TV star, Olivia is focused on social media marketing, which she's likely pretty good at considering she has over 166,000 followers on Instagram. Like much of the Southern Charm cast, we don't know exactly how much Olivia is worth but sources speculate her net worth falls between $500,000 and $1 million.

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Rod Razavi

Another newcomer to Southern Charm is Rod Razavi. Behind the camera, Rod works as a Director at ChemoCars and he also serves as the Director of Integrations and Conversions at Zuri Group. What's he worth you ask? A whopping $2.5 million.

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Kathryn Dennis (former cast member)

It’s hard to believe that Kathryn Dennis started out as just a friend of the show — now we can’t imagine it without her (but sadly we must!). In addition to having appeared on the show, Kathryn also works as an ambassador for Gwynn’s department store. She has a reported net worth of $800,000.

Kathryn bid Southern Charm a farewell after appearing on the first eight seasons.

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John Pringle (former cast member)

John Pringle comes from a long line of southern families — he’s a seventh-generation Charleston native! Since he’s new to the reality television scene, not much is known about his net worth, but his illustrious music career (plus the paycheck he’ll get from filming Southern Charm) seems to indicate that he’s doing quite well for himself.

John reportedly left Southern Charm after Season 7 to focus on his music career.

Catch new episodes of Southern Charm Season 9 on Thursdays at 8 pm EST.

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