"Immediately Alarm Bells Ring" — Woman Details Her Creepy Interaction With Man on Marketplace

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Nov. 29 2023, Published 10:36 p.m. ET

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In a world where internet marketplaces flourish, it’s common for someone to purchase an item from a stranger online. However, one woman had an eerie Facebook Marketplace encounter that left her shaken.

A woman, who goes by @coffeetillvodka on TikTok, uploaded a video about her experience with an online seller that went very wrong.

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Ali was in search of a new jacket for her young daughter, and she was able to find the item for sale on Facebook Marketplace. She recalled arriving at the house, which appeared to be unoccupied. She was greeted by a man who was seemingly surprised by her arrival, despite agreeing to the sale of the jacket.

“Already it was a little weird that he didn’t have the jacket there waiting for me,” Ali explained. “He pretended he didn’t know who I was even though we were just texting.”

What happened next was jaw-dropping!

After arriving at the man's house to pick up a jacket for her daughter, things went wrong, fast.

The man then directed Ali to go around the house to a basement door, before warning her to “watch her head.”

“Immediately alarm bells started to ring,” Ali said. She then asked the man to retrieve the jacket from inside his home and bring it to her, but he refused.

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"I said, ‘No can you go get it for me.’ And he said ‘Oh,” Ali continued. “And then he reached in the doorway and grabbed the jacket. He was just a few steps in, right where the jacket was.”

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TikTok is stunned by Ali’s Facebook Marketplace ordeal.

Facebook Marketplace has become a go-to for many seeking deals on popular items. However, not every transaction unfolds as smoothly as expected. Ali’s story has been met with shock online, with users on TikTok applauding the mom for trusting her instinct.

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One person suggested that the entire encounter was sketchy from the start, and while Ali was able to complete the transaction unharmed, netizens seem to agree that the seller’s tactics were questionable.

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Others explained that they were alarmed after the man made a remark about the sky. “When he said look at the sky. my deep feeling is he was gonna have you look up and grab you,” one TikToker said.

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Ali also got support from the co-creator of Phineas & Ferb, Dan Povenmire. Dan said that Ali’s instinct was “100% justified.” Ali replied to Dan’s comment, thanking him for the support and revealing that she was a huge fan of his.

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Online marketplaces can be scary to navigate.

Online marketplaces, like Facebook Marketplace, have become hubs for buying and selling goods. Despite attempts by developers to create a safe place for internet users to purchase items, there have been violent incidents linked to Facebook Marketplace.

In July, Australia issued a warning to Facebook users after a violent altercation occurred following the failed sale of a $2,000 electric scooter, according to ABC News.

Police tape outside in Brisbane, Australia.
Source: Getty

The incident saw a group of men attempt to buy the scooter with counterfeit money, before being turned down by the seller. The man later returned with a gun and demanded the seller relinquish the item.

When the family refused to hand over the scooter, the men stabbed and killed their dog. Police later arrested three men for their involvement in the crime.

So, please remember to be safe when meeting strangers from social media!

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