The 'Crime Scene Confidential' Season Finale Will Explore a “Shocking Betrayal” (EXCLUSIVE)

The season finale of 'Crime Scene Confidential' is almost here, and host Alina Burroughs spoke exclusively with Distractify about the episode.

Allison DeGrushe - Author

Apr. 19 2022, Published 1:28 p.m. ET

Alina Burroughs is the host of 'Crime Scene Confidential.'
Source: Investigation Discovery

Since the early 2000s, there's been an ever-growing obsession with true crime stories. There are infinite amounts of content in the genre, with new podcasts, documentaries, and TV shows launching nearly every week. Although most of the existing volumes are very similar and typically examine the same crimes, one stands out from the rest: Crime Scene Confidential.

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The six-part docuseries analyzes some of the most "controversial and shocking murder cases from across the country." Each week, viewers follow along as the host takes a "fresh look at the forensic evidence" and prepares to deliver "closure to those victims left behind," the official synopsis reads.

In an exclusive interview with Distractify, host and CSI veteran Alina Burroughs spoke about the upcoming Crime Scene Confidential finale.

Alina Burroughs has 12 years of experience as a CSI.
Source: Investigation Discovery
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Alina explains that the ‘Crime Scene Confidential’ finale details a “shocking betrayal.”

The Crime Scene Confidential finale, titled "Doing Right by Richard," brings viewers to Kansas City in 2000, where 49-year-old attorney Richard Armitage, the victim of a brutal daytime attack, is found dead under his desk with severe head injuries.

In 2022, Alina Burroughs arrives at the scene in Missouri to review the crime scene evidence and take a fresh look at the case files in hopes of giving a voice to the silenced casualty.

Regarding the heartbreaking tragedy, Alina told Distractify that Richard's murder is a "shocking betrayal," adding that "there's something to be said for betrayal, it's almost like I say — a double death."

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Alina Burroughs for 'Crime Scene Confidential.'
Source: Investigation Discovery

"You know, you as a victim, I think you die from the wound, and then you die when you recognize who's holding the knife ... you die when you realize who was holding the weapon," Alina explained to Distractify. "It's almost like a physical death and the death of the soul when it comes to betrayal."

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Alina reveals the season finale is a “case of closure” for the Armitage family.

Although Alina can't turn back time to fix the procedural errors of Richard's case, she disclosed to Distractify that this episode could serve "as a warning" to others going through something similar. Additionally, the CSI veteran revealed that this was for sure a "case of closure" for the Armitage family.

"I think being able to talk about this did bring some closure in this case and kind of allowed them to talk about what a great man Richard was," Alina told Distractify. She noted that since the general public only knew of Richard because of this tragedy, the episode allowed his family to discuss their loved one in a way that wasn't overshadowed by his violent death.

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The host of 'Crime Scene Confidential,' Alina Burroughs.
Source: Investigation Discovery

"You know, you might have a picture of him in his head is this hardworking attorney that's never there, [but] the picture that I have of him in my head now is his daughter playing softball and looking to the stands and seeing him there cheering for her."

Alina continued, "Nobody gets to know, you know, who he was raising his children, and that he attended all of his children's sporting events even though he was a busy, accomplished attorney."

Crime Scene Confidential — "Doing Right By Richard" — airs Tuesday, April 19 at 9 p.m. EST on ID and is available to stream the same day on Discovery Plus.

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