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People Share the Cringiest Weddings They Have Ever Been To



Weddings are a personal expression of love and commitment for every couple who has one. That being the case, some couples have different priorities and, um, styles when it comes to celebrating their love. What I'm saying is, things can get cringey fast. One person asked the people of Reddit to share the cringiest things they've seen couples do for their weddings, and the list is endless and appalling! These are some of our favorites.

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"You know those slightly off-looking Mickey and Minnie Mouses you see in NYC?" ry1216 asked. "Yeah, they showed up for the first dance because the bride loved Disney. So everyone had to watch the couple dance "alongside a deformed Mickey and Minnie" and halfway through, they switched so the bride danced with Mickey and the groom, with Minnie. Needless to say, the scars run deep for all wedding guests.

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S-D-J recalls a wedding they attended where the pastor kept saying, "Our Heavenly Father, Daddy God." I just cannot believe that. What a phrase to repeat over and over during a wedding. I wouldn't be able to control my laughter.

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Theseus44 was at a wedding where the minister's phone rang in the middle of the ceremony. They write, "He answered, it was God, God wanted to talk to the groom, conversation lasted a couple minutes, then the ceremony continued." I am...so confused. Clearly, this was a preplanned thing, at least on the minister's part. It remains unclear whether the couple was in on it or not. 

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People really need to think harder about who they choose to officiate their weddings! Sunsetviewer went to a wedding where the officiant used to date the bride and spent the whole ceremony gushing about how wonderful she was. He even told the groom he'd take care of her if the groom ever died!!! What! 

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Drunk brides are never good. Samhamwitch was once working a wedding where the bride got drunk and sat on some other guy's lap and flirted with him openly while the groom sat by himself at their table with a defeated look on his face. Ouch. 

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Several posts on this thread were about couples who sang their vows to each other, which is cringey to begin with, but loony-cat's story is next-level awkward. "Vows were generally bats--t crazy, like submissive in the bedroom, and not asking about where she was going," they write. "The autotune microphones were a terrible idea." The vows had a chorus, they expected guests to sing along, and they lasted 20 minutes. I don't have enough "Yikes!" in my body to express how I feel about this.

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This next wedding was completely dry (no alcohol), and the bride's parents were so conservative that the songs the DJ played were insanely censored. Gotyourhayneson said even the word "shots" was bleeped out of LMFAO's song, "Shots." Was it just...silent? All of the words to the song are, "Shots."

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Marble-falls went to a truly special wedding where the bride and groom, instead of asking guests to throw rice or confetti after the ceremony, asked everyone to save and throw their empty Juul pods. I just don't know what to say about that. 

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OK, this seems like a joke, but I don't think it is. Jalcorn33's brother wasn't actually at the wedding but it was his employee who got married, and both she and the groom got giant matching back tattoos of the Monster energy drink logo. "It was a camouflage-themed wedding," they write. "She had an open-back camo gown with camo heels, complete with camo veil... The groom had camo pants with camo boots and a camo bowtie. He was, indeed, shirtless. He did wear a camp ball cap though." That is truly a choice.

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In my view, perhaps the only thing worse than a camo-themed wedding is this next one. Cartoon-astronaut attended an entirely Minion-themed wedding. "No joke," they write, "cake and decorations were all minions." My nightmare.

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