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Danielle Busby's Clothing Line CADi Has All the Athleisure Fashion You Need



Being the mother to six girls sounds completely foreign to us, but it's the premise of TLC's Outdaughtered, which follows Adam and Danielle Busby as they raise their quints and oldest daughter, Blayke.

This latest season, we've observed some trouble in their eight-person paradise.

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Adam got a new job that is taking him away from the house at a moment's notice, and he bought the girls an adorable dog without running it by his wife. 

Danielle needs a pastime to make her feel like more than just a mom of six, so she started her own fashion brand. Here's what you need to know about Danielle Busby's clothing line.

The CADi fitness clothing line was launched by Danielle Busby and her sisters.

Danielle launched CADi back in March of 2019 along with her sisters, Crystal and Ashley, who fans might recognize from their appearances on Outdaughtered. Together, Crystal, Ashley and Danielle make up the CAD — ordered from oldest to youngest. 

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Source: instagram

And the appendix "i" supposedly comes from their aunt's name for each other: Kiki, Lili and Didi. But more than that, the "i" also plays in to their company's brand identity. When they launched the company via Instagram, the sisters wrote:

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"CADi is a Fitness Apparel Line and was created from our Strong and "i"ndependent Women driven hearts. ***because i can be i*** We hope to inspire all women any shape or size to be comfortable in their own skin because: i am good enough, i am strong enough, i can achieve, i can be a motivator and i can be anything i aspire to be !!!!!!!"

Source: instagram
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The athletic sisters have been working on designing a whole line of athletic clothing, ranging from leggings and water bottles to T-shirts and sports bras. You can find most of their line here, including their edgy ripped-back workout tops and clothing with their catchy "i can be i" phrasing on it.

The sisters also share workout challenges and nutrition tips.

Danielle and her sisters didn't just stop at creating a fitness brand. They went one step further and tried to make CADi a 360 lifestyle experience, incorporating nutrition and exercise into its identity.

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On their website and their Instagram page, the ladies share videos and write-ups of workouts of varying difficulties. "Every Friday we will be sharing a new workout for you to do for the following week," the site reads. 

Source: instagram
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However, they disclaim: "We are not fitness professionals. We are just three sisters who are all moms, who love fitness and want to share some mom-to-mom at-home workouts." While Fitness videos are for Fridays, Tuesdays are for tips.

"At CADi Fitness we are nuts for NUTS," a recent post reads on their Instagram page. "Nuts are packed with dietary fiber and other nutrients so that's why it's the snack of the day! Skip the cookie and grab a handful of nuts instead!"

Considering all three of these moms look absolutely great — especially Danielle, not to single her out, who has birthed six whole children and looks fabulous — we will definitely be paying attention to the tips, exercises, and clothes that come out on their website and Instagram.

Outdaughtered airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on TLC.

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