This Is What Danielle From 'Summer House' Does for Work IRL

We know that Danielle Olivera loves her job and career. She's only able to be on 'Summer House' because the producers are so flexible.

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Mar. 5 2021, Updated 9:52 a.m. ET

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While Danielle Olivera loves being on Summer House, she's been pretty open about how her career comes first. Last year, she said, "Going into last summer I wanted nothing more than to be back in the house every weekend. But I knew it would be incredibly difficult for me to balance my career and filming. I had a lot of work travel and a work schedule that was inflexible at the time. If you know me, you know my career is what's most important to me and something I won't jeopardize." 

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Luckily, the producers of Summer House allowed her to have a flexible filming schedule (before COVID hit, at least). "What I love about my producers is that they know me and at the end of the day they want what's best for me, as well as, what's best for the show. They said something to the effect of 'let's have you out for a few weekends to start and see where that goes. You know we love having you on, but we know you have priorities that make you unable to commit full time.' In my head this was a dream come true," Danielle said per

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What's 'Summer House's' Danielle's real job?

According to LinkedIn, Danielle Olivera is a project manager in New York, although it doesn't state what company she works for, or if Danielle is a consultant or freelancer. We know that she doesn't have her own business — yet. She has a certificate in Software Product Management (SPM), as well as a Scrum Master Certificate. Both of these were issued in 2016. Her LinkedIn "About" stated, "Product ninja, currently in FinTech." 

It is true that Danielle is loved for kind of just...being there. "The only person who won 2020 is Danielle from Summer House for somehow landing another season. Go girl give us nothing," a fan tweeted back in December 2020.

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Fans love her because she's kind of dorky, seems genuine, and doesn't bring quite the amount of drama the other Summer House cast members do. (Depending on who you ask, that's either a good or bad thing.) 

Still — just because Danielle is less likely to participate in Summer House shenanigans, doesn't mean she doesn't end up getting involved in them.

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Since Season 5 was filmed in quarantine, Danielle was around a lot more. And things got pretty crazy. She recently opened up to Us Weekly about an altercation that happened on set, saying,

"That was, I think, one of the most traumatic [things I have witnessed]. I know that’s being dramatic, but [there are] traumatic parts about being together. Because we don’t leave each other, so much builds up and what is being said or — more so, what is not being said. It all kind of just bottles up and that bubble just really burst. I hated it. It was the worst thing to be around, but we had to deal with it.”
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Drama or not, Danielle was still concerned about her work. She explained to Us Weekly that filming in the Hamptons during quarantine didn't feel like a "true summer," and she was also "nervous" because she felt like her life has more structure than the rest of the crew. 

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Danielle said,  “It doesn’t feel like a true summer in the Hamptons, but obviously we’re all so fortunate to be able to do a house together in a safe environment, No. 1. But for me, I was very nervous because I have a more structured work life than the rest of my housemates. I don’t own my own business. I don’t create my own schedule and I’m sure maybe you could probably understand all of my meetings are like sometimes back to back to back.”

We're guessing Danielle is given the time and space to catch up on work when she needs to.

Watch Summer House every Thursday night at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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