DaniLeigh and DaBaby Are Over — The Rapper Called Her a Name on Instagram Live

DaniLeigh and DaBaby's relationship timeline is troublesome for fans, especially since recent Instagram Lives and posts reveal that they were never a couple.

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Nov. 15 2021, Updated 2:14 p.m. ET

Former couple Dani Leigh and Da Baby
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One thing about some relationships in the entertainment industry, they fizzle out just as quickly as they begin. While many celebrities enter new relationships hoping for the best, sometimes the drama is too much for the pairing to last. DaniLeigh and DaBaby are no exception.

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In case you missed it, DaBaby took to social media to call DaniLeigh out for only being his "side b---h" while claiming that they were never in a relationship. While the news didn’t come as a shock to fans, many people are now wondering about the timeline of their relationship. After all, there have been a lot of rumors circulating. Here’s everything we know.

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DaniLeigh and DaBaby initially just had a working relationship.

DaniLeigh and the "Masterpiece" rapper were initially introduced as he was preparing to work on his music video for the song "Bop." At the time, the singer came on to help co-choreograph the video. 

Later on, the rapper returned the favor by appearing in her video for the song "Levi High." The two clearly showed that they had chemistry throughout the video and in behind-the-scenes footage. However, their relationship didn't become news until DaBaby's ex-girlfriend and baby mother, Mariah aka Meme, chimed in.

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DaniLeigh never really announced that she and DaBaby were actually dating, but Meme exposed the truth via social media. In a series of now-deleted screenshots, conversations between DaBaby and DaniLeigh revealed that they were indeed involved with each other. This all came to a head after the singer reportedly stated that she never had anything going on with the rapper.

It made things worse that the rapper looked like he was going back and forth between the ladies.

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Rumors of DaniLeigh being a "homewrecker" started running rampant.

Rumors persisted as fans realized that both DaBaby and DaniLeigh were quarantined together amidst the earlier days of the COVID-19 pandemic. In a series of images on their respective Instagram pages, fans realized that they were at the same hotel. As a result, this led to even more talk that she was coming in between Meme and DaBaby's relationship.

While she had still been tight-lipped until his point, an interview with Power 105.1 in May of 2020 pretty much revealed that they had something going on. When asked about their relationship, she had a nonchalant response. “I mean it is what it is. I know it comes with this life," she shared. "I already know you post something, people are just going to catch on I guess, so ... I don’t really care.”

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Soon after her interview, it appeared that DaBaby rekindled things with Meme and was posting pictures of her and their children on social media. In a series of tweets and Instagram posts, DaniLeigh detailed taking time for herself and realizing that she deserves what she gives in a relationship.

While some people were sympathetic, many fans called her a homewrecker. After all, it did appear that she was aware that the rapper was otherwise involved.

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In a response to backlash about her confirming that she was in a relationship, she stated that she's ready to move forward. “Y’all gotta try to have more love this early in the day," she said. "But at the end of the day I’m human … that man was 100 percent single ‘to me’ when we started … I’m done talking about it tho I promise. Ready to get this money and drop this album. Good morning everyone and have a blessed day today.”

DaniLeigh confirmed that she and DaBaby were in a relationship, but the pair later split in February 2021.

A few months after the social media blow-up, the singer posted a photo with DaBaby, seemingly confirming their relationship. Many fans did not approve since she took him back after he left her to be with Meme.

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After that, the star went on a posting frenzy of her with DaBaby amid public scrutiny. She would often retweet pictures of them, post snapshots on her Instagram page, and comment all over the rapper's Instagram.

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But after a year of the theatrics and the back and forth, DaniLeigh posted on her Instagram story that she and DaBaby split. What made matters worse is that the post came right after she was annihilated via social media for her song "Yellow Bone," which many fans took as a dig to DaBaby's on-again off-again girlfriend Meme.

People on social media did not show her any mercy.

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Despite the fallout from the relationship, DaniLeigh went on to reveal that she was pregnant with DaBaby's child in July 2021. The singer gave birth to their daughter in Aug. 2021.

DaBaby recently claimed that he and DaniLeigh were never in a relationship.

On Nov. 14, 2021, DaBaby went live on DaniLeigh's phone to show the pair having a heated exchange. In a video captured by The Shade Room, the singer can be seen feeding their daughter while DaBaby is sharing his sentiments about her.

"You're cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs," DaBaby says. "I'm recording you for my safety."

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The "Red Light Green Light" rapper went on to post a statement on Instagram stories about the situation in an effort to share his truth.

"The last hour has been documented for my safety and business done based on my reputation,” DaBaby wrote. “With multiple threats of setting up an internet scheme and a person refusing to not let me go. Me and somebody else here knew to record her. I have been beat on, yelled at, and chased around like one of those fatal love attraction type girls.”

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Although DaniLeigh also shared her sentiments in an Instagram Live session, things took a new turn once DaBaby went on Instagram Live to clear things up for fans. In his Live session, not only did the rapper explain that he and DaniLeigh were never in a committed relationship, but he also called her a "side b---h."

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DaBaby also shared that he believes that Danileigh tried to trap him by having a child with him.

"This is trying to trap a [n-word] gone wrong," DaBabys says in a clip captured by Hollywood Unlocked. "Somebody tell Maury to call Baby. I need a quick test."

Messy! While it's true that no woman deserves to be treated this way, social media users agree that DaniLeigh brought this on herself. Keep in mind, not only has she been disrespectful toward Black women — including Meme — but she has also been warned by fans and the world about receiving her share of karma.

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Plus, it's important to note that the rapper has been on and off with Meme for years. While Meme is the one who broke things off last time, fans believe that he is still in love with her despite all the drama.

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