A Complete Breakdown of the Drama Between 'Southern Charm' Stars Madison, Danni, and Gentry


Feb. 2 2021, Updated 4:33 p.m. ET

madison danni gentry cheating

Madison, Gentry, and Danni.

If you can't get enough of the drama on this season of Bravo's Southern Charm, it's beginning to spill over to Instagram. In a recent episode of the South Carolina-based show, the guys let Austen Kroll know his new girlfriend might be getting naughty behind his back.

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And it turns out that the guy she was stepping out on him for was a familiar face: Danni Baird's boyfriend, Gentry Todd.

So who is Gentry and what exactly went down between Madison and Gentry in the DMs? Keep reading for everything we know about this latest Southern Charm feud.

austen madison southern charm
Source: Instagram

Austen with girlfriend, Madison.

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Did Madison really slide into Gentry's DMs?

"Madison had her friend DM Gentry not knowing that it's Danni's boyfriend," a loyal Craig revealed to his buddy Austen on the show. "It was like, 'Hey this is my friend, she thinks you're hot. Would you be interested in meeting up?'?

Austen confronted Madison and broke up with her on the spot, though she stood her ground and said just because she and Gentry chatted "doesn't mean anything happened." However, It seems like Austen and Madison have put their differences behind them and are still together these days.

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Danni spilled the tea on all the messages after the episode aired.

To clear up the rumors about Madison and her boyfriend Gentry, Danni took to Instagram to post some receipts. She captioned her post: "Here's the deal”.... Was trying to be a girls girl... but if you wanna play that game..."

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The post is of a DM screenshot between Gentry and an unknown sender. The message reads: "Hey Gentry! My hairdresser and I wear [sic] scrolling through Instagram and she saw your face in an ad and said you were hot and I said I knew you."

"She wanted to meet you," it continued. "Her name is Madison Lacroy and she owns her own business and is now on Southern Charm. Here's her pic."

In response to the posted message and screenshot of Madison, Madison commented: "Where's his response Danni?"

Meanwhile, Madison took to Instagram stories to cover her tracks.

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Moments before Danni posted her screengrabs on Instagram, Madison herself took to stories to post receipts she thought would clear the air and ward off any more cheating speculations. One of them was a conversation between Madison and Danni.

danni baird boyfriend gentry
Source: Instagram
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"Maybe he is trying to trick u into admitting to something u didn't do?" Danni writes. "I don't know what the heck he is talking about seeing texts or DMs unless he is referring to something entirely different?" Madison responds, "No. He's talking about Gentry."

Danni continues, "I explained it wasn't u who reached out — it was a mutual friend or something. That screenshot is literally his response... Which proves you didn't send anything." Meanwhile, Madison seems to shrug it off as "Ugh oh well he's wasted." 

Then, Madison slammed Danni for keeping up a "false narrative."

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danni baird boyfriend gentry
Source: Instagram

Moments after posting the initial conversation, but after Danni managed to share her own post on Instagram, Madison doubled down with a long text post intended to nip the situation "in the bud right now." 

"This message was written by my client who was scrolling through her pictures while I was doing her hair," she wrote.

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"She showed me his picture and said, 'Isn't he hot,' to which I replies, yes, he's good looking," her Story continued. "I never said fix me up with him... She wrote that on her own. I don't know why you are bringing this false narrative up again especially since he has broken up with you @Danni_Baird." Ice cold!

gentry todd southern charm
Source: Instagram
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Who is Gentry Todd and are he and Danni really broken up?

Gentry (full name: Gentry Todd Radwanski) owns his own business, like most of the crew on Southern Charm. Gentry is a realtor, and according to his website, has sold $30 million in Charleston properties over the last three years alone. Before starting in real estate, he helped his family with their commercial construction business.

Gentry describes himself as "a Man about Charleston," and is a "total foodie, outdoors enthusiast and history nut." He also seems to adore Charleston and his dog Brutus. You can follow him on Instagram here.

As for his love life, though, it seems Gentry might have left artist Danni Baird for — wait for it — another Charleston artist.

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These guys on Southern Charm are really super savage! He recently shared a post captioned, "Shout out to my girl and local artist @jenn_griffith," and suggests they've been together for the past year. Perhaps they're just friends!

But one thing is for certain, Danni and Gentry seem conspicuously absent from each other's Instagram pages.

Don't miss out on any Southern Charm drama and catch the show when it airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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