'Rock the Block' Star David Bromstad Is Covered in Tattoos, and Even Has Some on His Face

HGTV star and 'Rock the Block' contestant David Bromstad is covered in tattoos. If you want to know what they are and more about them, keep on reading.

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Mar. 22 2021, Published 5:46 p.m. ET

David Bromstad
Source: Instagram

If you're a fan of interior designer David Bromstad, then you would know that the guy is practically covered in tattoos. Literally, from head to toe. And he has not been shy to show them off either! The HGTV star and current contestant on the show Rock the Block has been very open about the ink on his body and often shares his beautiful art on his Instagram profile.

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David has a range of tattoos — some of them being more colorful than others or some having a certain theme to them that represent a certain time in his life — and they take up most of his skin real estate, including his face! Find out more details about his tattoo collection and what the meaning behind some of them are.

david bromstad tattoos
Source: Instagram
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What are David Bromstad's tattoos?

Because he's fully clothed on all the shows he's been on — Rock the Block, Design at Your Door, First Time Design, Design Star, Color Splash, and more — there's no way that viewers have been able to get a peek at every single one of his tattoos. But thanks to his Instagram, he's been able to show most of them off. 

From his pictures, it looks like he is inked all over the front and side of his body, minus his center, stomach area.

In June 2020, he took to his Insta to showcase a few of his tattoos around his chest and midsection. A lot of them are inspired by the LGBTQ+ community and how much it means to him. The caption reads: "Pride! More tatts to express how much I love my community, my family. The dabbing unicorn was just to [sic] cute and hilarious not to get! The ‘poppin good’ scratch and sniff sticker brings me back to my childhood and my families [sic] love for popcorn."

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As you can see, the Pride-related tattoos feature a rainbow-colored unicorn posing in the "dab" dance move, the word "family" filled in with a rainbow design, and a "Poppin' Good" sniff and scratch sticker as an homage to his childhood. On his leg, he also has the Pride flag tattooed on him which symbolizes "the gay flag, [my] love for color, [my] first tv series, Color Splash, freedom..." In that area, he also has the words "Limited Edition" on top of a heart and his birth year, 1973.

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And a fun fact about David, he used to be an illustrator for Disney, so you bet he has plenty of tattoos that surround his love for the iconic brand. On his right arm, he has a giant design of Mickey Mouse on his bicep. It also has a smaller and older version of the mouse character next to it. Fitting in with the fantasy theme, he also has the legendary Cinderella Castle tattooed on his thigh. "A princess has found her castle. My thigh never looked more magical," he said.

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And on his other thigh, he has another iconic castle — the Hogwarts building. He wanted the vibe of the two castles to be totally different from each other. David got this elaborate tattoo not too long after the Cinderella one. "My latest tattoo! The Wizarding World has altered the fantasy realm forever and we all are better for it! I’m living for the simple graphic design of this Hogwarts tatt," he announced in an Instagram post.

He also added: "Although Disney and Harry Potter have nothing to do with each other, the thing they gave [sic] in common is they both make the world and [sic] more magical place. Check out the 'M' in magic. I place a lightning bolt cause I’m that big of a nerd and I love it! Live your best lives. Be who u want to be. Inspire others to be their own selves and smile. It’s so easy and fun." Check out the details on the tattoo for yourself:

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From his pictures, you can see he also has tattoos that wrap around his neck, one on his hand, a big piece on the same arm that holds his Mickey tattoo, the number "15" on his left forearm, a symbol of some sort on his left bicep, the word "LOVE" on his leg, and some on his face close to his eye. It also looks like in some pictures that he has a few on his back, but by the angles, it's hard to say what the look like.

You can watch new episodes of Rock the Block on HGTV at 9 p.m. ET on Mondays.

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