Woman Discovers Horrible Truth About Dawn Apple Scented Soap

A woman is disturbed by what it says on the Dawn Apple Scented soap label. Now we want to know if the product is meant for cleaning hands or dishes?

Melissa Willets - Author

Sep. 26 2023, Published 12:13 p.m. ET

A creator who shares content on TikTok as @shilahna0mi thinks she has uncovered a conspiracy that the maker of Dawn Green Apple Scented soap is perpetrating against the American people.

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In a video that inspired over 900 comments, the creator takes her followers into the dishwashing aisle at the store, and shares a shocking revelation about the green liquid.

In reality, she hasn't really found out any new information — but we'll get to that. Because a lot of other people shared in her confusion.

So, what's the big secret about Dawn Apple Scented soap?

The customer, who is clearly a longtime fan of Dawn's green-scented soap, is overcome by what she realizes during her shopping trip, exclaiming, "In my life!"

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Bottles of Dawn Green Apple Scented soap on a store shelf
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She goes on to declare she can never be a wife, because she has been deceived by Dawn into thinking its Green Apple Scented product is a dish liquid. "This [is] hand soap!" the woman practically yells right there in the store among the different choices of dish washing soaps.

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Indeed, upon closer inspection, you can see as she did that Dawn's yummy "flavor" is an antibacterial hand soap. But, like this bewildered shopper, we've been cleaning our dishes with this soap! So, what's the deal?

Well, although some people may be turned off by this product, and feel duped, don't.

Because you haven't really been doing it wrong all along as a deep dive into the label of Dawn's Green Apple Scented liquid reveals.

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Hey, guess what? Dawn Apple Scented soap does double duty.

Go ahead and visit the website for this product. You'll soon realize it's all going to be OK. Because as the maker of this confusing kitchen concoction clarifies about the intended use, "Cleans dishes and removes 99 percent of bacteria on hands."

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Yes, this antibacterial hand soap is also a dishwashing liquid, and it says so right there on the label. But look — this TikToker isn't the only customer to feel confused by what this product is meant for. As one commenter confided, they emailed the company for clarification!

"It's both," assured another commenter, who also said they stopped using a similar product since they felt no one soap should be used on hands and dishes.

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But other customers defended the brand, and claimed the combination soap is better for your hands than other brands.

And yet another camp of customers were like, "Soap is soap."

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A little digging around on TikTok was enough to confirm that shoppers have been debating for years whether Dawn Green Apple Scented soap is intended for use on your hand or pots and pans.

With folks on both sides of the issue, and some swearing anything you use on your hands should be good enough for your dishes, while others were seemingly horrified by the revelation that the product is dual purpose. Perhaps the best point of view is this one: "They use it to clean oil off ducks. I think it can handle dirty dishes."

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