Suspicious Rich Person Requests Screenshot of Bank Account After Facebook Marketplace Purchase

Joan Flaherty expected to receive a television stand from Facebook Marketplace, but a suspicious rich person stopped that from happening

Emma Saletta - Author

Sep. 23 2023, Published 2:03 p.m. ET

Consumer and TikTok creator Joan Flaherty recently had a bad experience on Facebook Marketplace when attempting to purchase a $20 television stand from someone who appeared to be rich.

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Not only was Joan accused by the rich person of trying to scam her — likely because the seller feared her financial status was beneath hers, but she was also asked by the seller to screenshot her transaction, which would have revealed confidential financial information.

"She sat and accused me of trying to scam her of her $20 IKEA TV stand," Joan stated in a TikTok video. "She was accusing me of not Zelling her because the Zelle wasn't receiving on her end, so much that she thought I photoshopped the Zelle transaction."

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So, what exactly happened after the escalation? We have all the details below on the aftermath, and let's just say it's a cautionary tale for the ages!

The rich person did not seem suspicious in her Facebook Marketplace post.

Joan did not think anything of the original post. In fact, the wealth of the seller wasn't what crossed her mind when saying she was interested in the television stand.

"This woman posted an hour before I was there. She was like, 'you need to be here within the next hour if you want this thing.'" So, she got her "cheap" self over there.

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However, when Joan arrived, she may not have expected to see such a luxe spread.

"I rolled up to Dan Humphrey's apartment from Gossip Girl — this beautiful Williamsburg loft," she recounts.

"She had a Cadillac keys on her table, so she has money," Joan continued.

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The Williamsburg area in Brooklyn is an area that has a "hipster vibe" with nice restaurants, shops, and nightlife. Nest Seekers Williamsburg lofts boast rent costs that range from $3,800 to $9,995 per month, while purchasers will spend between $700,000, to over $2.8 million.

Joan also pointed out that IKEA's furniture is not be all that it's cracked up to be, and that some of its products aren't worth the money — at least not for too long.

"If you didn't know, IKEA furniture actively loses its value the second that you buy it," she stated, explaining that the pieces go out of style.

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Did she send the suspicious rich a person a screenshot of her bank account after the Facebook Marketplace purchase?

The confusion was resolved less than five minutes after the accusations about not sending the money once the woman received a text message confirming the $20 went through. After the seemingly difficult incident, Joan was able to take the television stand home with her that day.

At the request of a commenter, Joan confirmed this through a video in which she exhibited a seemingly unhappy and annoyed face while showing off her new $20 IKEA stand.

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"She did get a text saying she received the Zelle so I didn't have to send her a screenshot of my USAA app, which is good because she would've seen that after that Zelle, I only had $100 in my account," Joan admitted.

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Several TikTokers commented on the second video and called the Facebook Marketplace seller, "broke." Joan responded to a commenter who asked, "Did she at least apologize?" confirming that the rich person did not apologize, but helped Joan carry the item downstair from her walk up.

Meanwhile, since its creation in 2016, Facebook Marketplace has facilitated more than 1.185 billion online shoppers in selling items like TV stands from IKEA.

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