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Source: Netflix

Debbie and Justin Are a Charming Mother-Son Duo on This Season of 'Instant Hotel'


[Warning: Spoilers ahead]

In case you don’t know, yes, competitive Airbnb-ing is a thing. If you’re looking for a new reality series to binge-watch on Netflix, than you should definitely check out Instant Hotel. The Australian-based TV show follows four pairs of homeowners who hope to earn the title of best hotel.

The teams are tasked with staying overnight in each others’ houses and rating their experience. Ultimately, the grand prize winner will receive $100,000.  

Season 2 of the popular reality series introduced audiences to Debbie, 57, and her son Justin, 27. The pair have a beach penthouse on the Sunshine Coast and reveal they have not been too successful in renting out their gorgeous property, but are hoping that will soon change. 

Justin explains that he wants to help his mom rent out the Queensland hotel so his parents can enjoy their retirement. Seriously, can this mother-son duo be any sweeter?

Here’s what you need to know about Instant Hotel stars Debbie and Justin, and if they come out victorious.