Randi and Jordan Plot to Have an Unorthodox Honeymoon on 'Extreme Sisters' (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

Derek and Randi plan their honeymoon in Season 2 of 'Extreme Sisters,' but things may be a little different since Jordan wants to tag along.

Chrissy Bobic - Author

Mar. 13 2023, Published 11:50 a.m. ET

Leave it to twin sisters Randi and Jordan to make things difficult for Randi's husband Derek as they plan their honeymoon on Extreme Sisters. Because even though Randi and Derek's marriage has nothing to do with Jordan, Randi is gunning for her twin sister to join them on the trip. It's kind of ridiculous, but then again, these are twins who are extremely close in all facets of their life.

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In an exclusive clip ahead of the March 13 episode of Extreme Sisters, Jordan and Randi discuss the possibility of Jordan joining Randi and Derek on their honeymoon. The clip starts with Jordan pointing out how she can take great photos of Randi during the trip.

Although Randi isn't immediately convinced, the idea starts to sink in and she is eventually fully onboard. For any other couples, having a sibling join on the honeymoon wouldn't be an option. For Randi and Jordan, it's kind of perfect.

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Does Jordan go on Randi and Derek's honeymoon on 'Extreme Sisters'?

In the clip, Jordan suggests that she join Derek and Randi on their honeymoon for a handful of reasons. She wants to be there to snap some photos of her twin on a beach, but she also says that she never got a honeymoon with her husband, Daniel, because they instead purchased their new home. And as Jordan explains the positive aspects of going on the honeymoon, her twin sister starts to agree. Still, Randi has her concerns.

"Don't get me wrong, I really want my sister to come on this honeymoon," Randi tells producers in the clip. "But is it worth really upsetting my husband over most likely? I don't know."

She says that she knows Derek will have some "frustration" if Jordan tags along. But Randi also seems to be into the idea.

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We certainly wouldn't put it past Randi and Jordan to essentially share a honeymoon, even with one of their spouses left out of the equation. But right now, it's hard to say for sure if Derek agrees to the arrangement.

In June 2022, Randi did share an Instagram post from what looks like a romantic getaway or her honeymoon. In the comments, Jordan wrote, "Thanks for letting us accompany y'all."

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As viewers of Extreme Sisters can attest, the idea of Jordan joining Randi on her honeymoon isn't exactly out of the realm of possibilities. They share everything and they even married husbands who are identical twin brothers.

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Jordan and Randi do everything together.

When Randi comes around to the idea of Jordan going on her honeymoon with herself and Derek, she agrees that they'll be able to do their shared morning bathroom routine and that they won't have to miss each other. And for Randi, it seems like a win-win situation — even if Derek's side of it all isn't exactly a "win."

However, he also knew what he was getting into when he married Randi. She and Jordan are sort of a package deal. And even if the couples don't live together forever, they're going to be big parts of each other's lives.

Watch Extreme Sisters on Mondays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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