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Source: Instagram

Derick Dillard Could Be the First Duggar In-Law to Go Against the Family


When you have a family that consists of more than two dozen members who are constantly in the spotlight, one or more are bound to break from the pack and go against the grain. So far, that hasn’t yet happened with any of the Duggar children, but Derick Dillard, who is married to Jill Duggar, might be the first to finally write the Duggar tell-all everyone has been waiting for.

Derick has been known to be more outspoken than other members of the extended Duggar family and now that he and Jill are no longer part of the Counting On gravy train, he has nothing left to lose. It all began when TLC fired Derick from the show after he tweeted some anti-LGBTQ comments about transgender teen Jazz Jennings of the TLC series I am Jazz. Ever since he was let go, he has had loose lips about the goings-on in the Duggar family and Derick might have a lot more to say.