These Theories About 'Devs' on Hulu Will Seriously Blow Your Mind

Lizzy Rosenberg - Author

Mar. 22 2021, Updated 3:19 p.m. ET

Anyone with easy access to a Hulu account should have already started watching the streaming service's latest and greatest mini-series called Devsit tells the story of a computer engineer named Lily (played by Sonoya Mizuno) who is in the midst of investigating the suicide of her boyfriend Sergei (played by Karl Glusman). She believes there was foul play, involving a secret division of her own company.

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The fan-base behind Hulu's Devs has concocted a slew of theories about how things will wrap, and some of them are truly shocking. If you aren't completely up-to-date with the series at this moment in time, however, navigate to another page instantly — there are some major spoilers ahead.

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Theory #1: Sergei made a groundbreaking discovery on 'Devs.'

The first theory is kind of a curveball, but we love it nonetheless. Collider believes that the Devs program discovered that the entire universe is actually a simulation, and Sergei happens upon this tidbit of classified information rather unexpectedly. Upon learning this, he is absolutely devastated. 

Forest eventually finds out that Sergei knows the big secret, and has him murdered. This theory is based on the scene in which Katie and Devs are having a private conversation, which many presume is regarding Sergei's imminent death. However, it appears they're hiding something even greater.

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Theory #2: Sergei is still alive.

Others believe that Sergei isn't quite dead, according to Bustle, and to be honest, I kind of dig where their theory is headed. It's believed that Sergei's company may decide to harvest his brain for the sake of computer power, meaning the quantum computer is a little different than what we initially believed it to be.

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Calling it a "quantum computer" is actually a facade — it isn't made out of metal and digital memory. This theory thinks that Sergei discovered what his company was actually doing, that it was running on human brains, and when he gets caught, they fake his death and actually use his brain for the sake of their computers. Creepy.

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Theory #3: The machine can simulate future and past projections.

Looking back at the scene with the mummified rat in Episode 5, according to GameSpot, it becomes somewhat clear that the machine is used to scan things down to the atom, to then ultimately project past or future versions of said subject. 

This theory would potentially prove why Forest (played by Nick Offerman) wanted to create the machine in the first place — to bring his daughter, Amaya, back to life (or a simulation of Maya back) after she died in a car crash. It's spooky but certainly would make sense.

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There is definitely no denying that Devs is a truly wild show, and with so many twists and turns, paying close attention is absolutely vital. Regardless of what ultimately happens in the end, it's clear this show is going to be seriously fantastic — this mindf*** series is exactly what we all needed right now.

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