Zach Wilson and Abbey Gile Have Quietly Scrubbed One Another From Instagram


Jan. 14 2022, Published 2:10 p.m. ET

In an age filled with breakups that are announced on social media and in the press, it's still possible for two relatively public figures to break up in quieter ways. Even when a breakup isn't publicized, though, there are still ways for fans to know that something went down. One telltale sign was apparent on Instagram recently between Abbey Gile and Jets quarterback Zach Wilson.

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Did Zach Wilson and Abbey Gile break up?

Coming off of a rookie season with the New York Jets that was less than stellar, Zach Wilson is now dealing with some drama off the field. Zach has been dating Abbey Gile since they were both teenagers, and she even accompanied him to the 2021 draft. Now, though, it seems that the two of them have quite quietly scrubbed one another from their Instagram profiles, which may signal a breakup.

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Zach recently took down a post from November which featured the two of them on a date night with a few of Zach's teammates. Abbey, meanwhile, appeared to have scrubbed a post from her Instagram in which she with Zach was at a Jets game in December, wearing a number 2 necklace, and now her Instagram appears to have disappeared altogether. Neither Abbey nor Zach have confirmed the split, but a mutual scrubbing on Instagram is not exactly a positive sign.

Zach and Abbey have been together for years.

Abbey and Zach were dating long before he was a quarterback in the NFL. They both hail from Utah, and Abbey was present with Zach and his family in Cleveland when he was initially drafted to the Jets in April. Zach was the second overall pick in that draft, but has failed to produce the kinds of results that the Jets were hoping to get from the former BYU star.

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“Still can’t wrap my head around this moment. Feeling so blessed to have been a part of his journey since high school. Zach has worked so hard to be here and he made his dream reality,” Abbey wrote on Instagram in April. “Nobody loves the game like this boy and he’s going to give everything he can to New York. I guess all the date nights watching film were for something I love this boy! JETS BABYYYY!”

Source: Instagram
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There has been no indication of trouble in their relationship, so it's unclear what, if anything, led them to call it quits after going through so much together. If they are indeed broken up, it seems that Zach's future will be uncertain both on the field and off, as he fights to retain his position as the Jets' starting quarterback and attempts to redefine his romantic life as well.

In his most recent post on Instagram, Zach kept his focus on the team, writing that he was already preparing for his next season. “Onward and Upward. Team effort. Locked in for next year," he wrote.

Abbey was at Zach's side throughout his rookie year, but now, it seems that he'll be going into his next season without her.

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