Common and Tiffany Haddish Have Called It Quits — "We Weren't Feeding the Relationship"

Did Tiffany Haddish and Common break up? Reports reveal that the couple have decided to leave their romance in 2021. Details inside.

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Dec. 13 2021, Updated 2:38 p.m. ET

common and tiffany haddish
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A few months after his split with Angela Rye in 2019, rumors surfaced that Tiffany Haddish and Common may be more than just friends. Along with the fact that Common attended a birthday dinner with only a few of the comedian’s closest friends, Tiffany dropped hints that she and the rapper were quarantining together, further confirming relationship rumors. 

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Aside from the occasional TikTok challenge, though, the two didn’t post much about their relationship. As a result, fans have started to suspect that Tiffany and Common have called it quits. So, did they break up? Here's the 4-1-1.

did common and tiffany haddish break up
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Common and Tiffany Haddish have called their relationship quits after a year of dating.

Another celebrity romance bites the dust. A source, per People, first revealed that the comedian and the hitmaker decided to go their separate ways. According to the source, it simply had to do with bad timing.

"They are never in the same city together and both of them are just too busy for a serious relationship," the source told the outlet.

However, in a recent interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Common shared that he and Tiffany called it quits after not being able to "feed" their relationship properly.

“I think once Tiffany and I got back on the move, it didn’t allow for us to spend as much time or put enough energy into our relationship," Common told Jason Lee. "I don’t think the love really dispersed, I just think that like we weren’t feeding the relationship.”

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Common also made it a point to share that their relationship was important, it just wasn't as high on their list of priorities.

"We both care about our crafts and what we do," Common told Jason. "We care about love, too, and partnership, but it was hard for me to balance all of that and keep the relationship fed." The 49-year-old went on to share that Tiffany is "one of the greatest people" and that he will always have love and respect for their time together as a couple.

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Tiffany previously gushed about her relationship with Common before the breakup.

Before the breakup news came to light, Tiffany made it a point to gush about her relationship with Common. On an episode of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Tiffany confirmed that although she didn’t consider Common as her “boyfriend,” he was her man.

In a previous interview with Steve-O on his Wild Ride podcast, Tiffany revealed that the couple initially met on the set of her movie The Kitchen, where Common played Tiffany’s love interest, and eventually made their on-screen romance a reality.

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She told the host, “I made out with him in the movie and we became friends and it wasn’t anything sexual. Our friendship was getting a little more than friendship but not quite ’cause COVID happened and we were like quarantined.”

Last year, Tiffany announced the start of her weight loss journey and said along with dieting and exercise, her newfound relationship played a major role in her success. Tiffany explained, “This is hands down the best relationship I've ever been in. Knock on wood! I've lost 20 pounds since I've been in this relationship."

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She added, "I feel more confident in me and it's not him that's doing it. I'm just way happier and it's like knowing I got somebody that cares about me, that really has my back. It seems like he does anyways. And I love it. I love him."

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While there was initially no indication that Tiffany and Common had split, fans did notice that the rapper unfollowed the comedian on Instagram last year. The duo also sparked rumors after Tiffany posted a vague but angry message to her exes that read, “Boy. Stop reaching out to me trying to be my friend, I don't want to be your friend. Plus you got a whole woman and babies on the way and we been done for years."

Common and Tiffany Haddish
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"But you want a windfall of money, and want me to make that wind go? Huh hahaha if I thought that would remove you from my entire life I would. Just like I never said I love you. 'Cause who I was loving wasn't the real you. When the real you showed up, I was disappointed and disgusted, so please go away forever. PEACE AND HAPPINESS BE UPON YOU AND YOUR FAMILY," Tiffany concluded.

Speaking of exes, Tiffany previously had a very messy relationship with her former husband, William Stewart.

William Stewart is Tiffany Haddish’s ex-husband.

Before her relationship with Common, Tiffany was previously married to William Stewart — twice. Although Tiffany says William helped her reconnect with her estranged father, who ultimately died in 2017, she accused her ex-husband of abusing her during their marriage. He later sued Tiffany for defamation and the actress settled out of court. 

Even though Common and Tiffany are officially over, that doesn't mean that they may never rekindle their romance. It's clear that the pair has genuine love for one another. So with time, both parties may be able to iron out their issues.

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