Hunter Picked Meghan on ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ — Do They Live Together Now? (EXCLUSIVE)

Chrissy Bobic - Author

May 18 2023, Published 9:55 a.m. ET

Meghan meets Hunter on his farm in the 'Farmer Wants a Wife' Season 1 finale
Source: Fox

Literally no one was surprised when Hunter picked Meghan on Farmer Wants a Wife. But now their fans are curious about the couple's life, post-reality TV. Most importantly: did Meghan move to Hunter's farm after Farmer Wants a Wife? Distractify spoke exclusively with Hunter and Meghan about their time on the show and whether or not Meghan made the leap to permanently relocate for her farmer.

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That was the biggest hurdle they faced during the season. And, since this show requires the chosen ladies to move, or at least be willing to move, to their respective suitor's home, it was a huge gamble for all of the ladies, Meghan included.

Meghan and Hunter have their first conversation on 'Farmer Wants a Wife'
Source: Fox
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Did Meghan move to Hunter’s farm on ‘Farmer Wants a Wife’?

Meghan shared with us that she did move after Farmer Wants a Wife wrapped. However, she chose not to move to Hunter's farm. Instead, Meghan moved from Texas to her family's Tennessee home. But it means she's now just a five hour drive from her boyfriend and to her, that's better than a plane ride.

"I packed my bags about a month and a half ago from Texas and packed my apartment up and moved back home to Tennessee," Meghan shared with us. "Because [now that] we're five hours away from each other… I can drive to see him anytime I want to. It's a day trip.”

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Meghan was worried about uprooting her life.

During the season, Meghan's biggest concern about being picked by Hunter at the end was moving across the country to live on Hunter's farm. In the episodes leading up to the finale, Meghan expressed concern about a potentially big move for a relationship that may not last.

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But Meghan's move to Tennessee and closer to Hunter means they get the best of both worlds. It also helps that it gives them a little more time to get adjusted to their relationship, without living together and being in the same town, in the face of critics who may have negative thoughts on their relationship in real life. And for Meghan, it's all in the name of love.

Hunter and Meghan ride horses together on 'Farmer Wants a Wife'
Source: Fox

“I mean, it's love, love is scary, " Meghan admitted. "You're putting your heart out there on the lawn for everybody to see. It's not just a relationship that we're starting up in private. It's the whole world fixing to see what you say. And if you make the wrong comment… the whole world is gonna hate you for it.”

So far, Meghan and Hunter seem to have embraced their no longer private relationship.

Original reporting for this article by: Gabrielle Bernardini.

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