Twitter Users Are Calling on Morphe to Cut Ties With James Charles

Did Morphe drop James Charles? Dozens of Twitter users are calling for a boycott against James Charles's products in light of the grooming allegations.

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Mar. 4 2021, Updated 12:17 p.m. ET

James Charles
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Twitter users are calling on Morphe to drop James Charles's products in light of the latest grooming allegations. The makeup guru — who counts some 25.7 million subscribers on YouTube — came under fire in the last week of February 2021 after a Twitter user named Isaiyah accused him of inappropriate conduct. Others posted similar videos, though the validity of their claims is under dispute. So, did Morphe drop James's products? 

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Twitter users are calling on Morphe to drop James Charles's products.

Morphe has yet to issue a statement. At the time of writing, James is still listed as one of their Artists & Creators. James published a statement on Friday, Feb. 26, 2021, in which he denied Isaiyah's claims. He has yet to address the concerns raised by other social media users. 

did morphe drop james charles
Source: Instagram
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A Twitter user named Isaiyah recently accused James of misconduct.

In a now-deleted video, Isaiyah claimed that James asked him to send photographs of his body after he told him that he was a minor. A Twitter user named hey (@a0nnnj) and a TikTok user named Uzzy (@lifeofuzzy) shared details about their alleged interactions with James after the clip went viral, as per Paper. 

"After sending me the first picture of his body, explicitly, he sent me multiple after that. I was getting really uncomfortable so I told him my age. [...] After telling him 'no, I'm not going to send it to you' he kept on asking for pictures and videos of body hair and me flexing and stuff," Isaiyah claimed. 

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Source: Twitter

"In the video I introduced myself and said I was 17, in the photo he sent he continued to flirt and said he thought I was a catfish, and that I was cute. *it never got sexual* just wanted to put this out as many guys have had similar experiences with him," wrote @a0nnnj in a now-deleted tweet

Uzzy posted an eight-part video series in TikTok in which he claimed that James tried to pressure him into sending photographs. 

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James Charles posted a statement to refute Isaiyah's allegations on Feb. 26, 2021.

In a statement published on Friday, Feb. 26, 2021, James emphasized that he cut ties with Isaiyah upon learning that he was a minor. 

"The accusation that I have groomed this person is completely false. [...] I asked how old he was right away and he told me he was 18 so I started flirting back. [...]" James wrote. "Later in the day, he said a few things that made me question the validity of his original age answer and when I asked him to confirm his age once again, he admitted he was 16."

Source: Twitter
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"I told him I was really uncomfortable and apologized for flirting, but he insisted on continuing talking. [...] I told him I wasn't okay with this, he started getting upset, and at this point, I unfriended him," James wrote. 

"James we both know I blocked you, you never asked for my age. After I told you I was 16 you proceeded to ask me for nudes and said it didn't matter. You called me hot and said 'I wish the timeline could speed up so you can be 18,'" reads Isaiyah response

Morphe cut ties with Jeffree Star in the summer of 2020.

As some social media users argue, Morphe cut all ties with Jeffree Star in the summer of 2020. Some believe that they should follow the same protocol in James's case. 

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