MrBeast Wasted No Time Clarifying If He Sold His YouTube Channel to Disney

You really shouldn't believe everything you see on the internet — especially when it's taken out of context.

Sara Belcher - Author

Mar. 15 2024, Published 5:32 p.m. ET

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The internet rumor mill is always churning, and it's incredibly easy for things to be taken out of context as posts are shared and reshared. And it seems this may be the case with a recent rumor about MrBeast.

The popular YouTuber boasts 245 million subscribers on his main channel alone, and he's recently been in talks to secure a deal for a TV series with Amazon Prime valued at $100 million.

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MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, already boasts a net worth of $25 million, is rumored to have cut another lucrative deal for himself.

A clip has started to circulate the internet alleging that media giant Disney has purchased the MrBeast YouTube channel for a whopping $5 billion — but did he really sell his YouTube channel?

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MrBeast set the record straight on the Disney sale rumors.

The rumors that Jimmy sold his YouTube channel to Disney originated when an out-of-context clip from Graham Stephan and Jack Selby's The Iced Coffee Hour podcast was shared widely on social media. In it, Graham and Jack are trying to play a prank on their guests, Sam and Colby.

"MrBeast sold his channel to Disney," one of the hosts says.

"No way! Really?" Sam and Colby question, instantly a little suspicious of the claim.

"For $5 billion," they continue. "The number got leaked."

"Is this confirmed?" Sam and Colby continue to question the hosts. "Dude what? I can't believe that."

This 17-second clip has been seen more than two million times, with plenty of people reacting to the news — but it didn't take long for Jimmy himself to weigh in on the news.

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"Disney does not own any part of my channel," he clarified in a reply tweet to the clip.

It seems MrBeast is not in the market to sell his YouTube channel — and why would he? Not only do all of his uploads rake in more than 100 million views a piece, but his internet empire has only continued to grow with his channel.

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Graham and Jack were trying to prank Sam and Colby in the viral clip.

The 17-second clip that's been shared is only a small fraction of the whole podcast episode, which is more than three hours long. The clip happens in the intro of the episode, and after Graham and Jack attempt to trick Sam and Colby they ask how much they would sell their channel for.

"Probably $6 billion," they answered.

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The duo continue to air their uncertainty with Graham and Jack's claims before the hosts confess that they were joking. Really, if the clip shared online had been 10 seconds longer, viewers would've known that it wasn't real and was part of a prank.

The replies under the original tweet quickly turned sour after MrBeast set the record straight.

"Man even Mr. Beast had to fact check you clout chasin baiter LOL," one Twitter user replied, while another wrote, "Stop using Mr Beast to gain clout."

The clip wasn't shared by Graham and Jack, so it was likely done to stir up some conversation and click on Twitter.

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