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YouTuber MrBeast started posting videos in 2012, and one decade later he is one of the most popular creators on the platform. Along with his successful YouTube channel, known for his elaborate stunts and philanthropy, MrBeast is also the co-creator of the organization Team Trees and the virtual restaurant MrBeast Burgers. MrBeast has over 50 million subscribers. 

Full Name: Jimmy Donaldson

Birthday: May 7, 1998

Relationship Status: Dating Instagram model Maddy Spidell

Instagram: @mrbeast

YouTube: MrBeast

Net Worth: $8 million

Fun Fact: MrBeast dropped out of college in order to pursue a full-time career as a YouTuber. 

Most Recent

  • Why does MrBeast give away his money?

    MrBeast’s Philanthropy Is Actually a Genius YouTube Marketing Plan

    A lot of Youtuber MrBeast's fans all have the same question: Why does he give away his money?
    By Mustafa Gatollari
  • YouTube 2021 Top 10

    No, MrBeast's 'Squid Game' Is Not the Highest Trending Video of 2021 — Here's What Is

    What are the top trending YouTube videos in 2021? So many hours of footage are uploaded to the platform every year.
    By Kori Williams
  • MrBeast

    YouTuber MrBeast Has Made His Own, Real-Life Version of Netflix's 'Squid Game'

    MrBeast is known for pouring plenty of resources into his videos, and now, he's made a video recreating 'Squid Game' in the real world.
    By Joseph Allen
  • MrBeast

    MrBeast Once Had a Horrifying Brush With Death — Here’s How He Escaped

    MrBeast is one of YouTube's most popular and most generous Influencers. But how did rumors start that he died? And are they true?
    By Mustafa Gatollari
  • Karl Jacobs and MrBeast

    Why Do MrBeast's Fans Think Karl Jacobs "Ruins" His Videos?

    Plenty of MrBeast's fans have claimed that Karl Jacobs, one of his regular filming crew, has "ruined" MrBeast's videos. But who is he?
    By Sara Belcher
  • MrBeast

    The Second Coming of MrBeast's 'Finger on the App' Challenge Had Fans Upset

    Popular YouTuber MrBeast challenged his followers to keep their finger on their phones for as long as possible to win $100,000 but who won?
    By Sara Belcher
  • Marcus Pearson

    Marcus Left MrBeast Crew Amid Wild Rumors — What Happened?

    Marcus Pearson from the MrBeast Crew was once a big part of the YouTube channel and adored by fans, but what happened to make him leave?
    By Chrissy Bobic
  • Mrbeast wearing green hoodie.

    What Disease Does YouTuber MrBeast Have?

    What disease does MrBeast have? The popular YouTuber is known for his massive giveaways, and he's recently been candid about his health struggles.
    By Shannon Raphael
  • screen shot    at  pm

    How to Get New Monster Mr. Beast in 'Monster Legends'

    The new monster Mr. Beast — inspired by the gaming YouTuber of the same username — has just hit 'Monster Legends.' How to get Mr. Beast.
    By Sara Belcher
  • mr beast canceled

    Is This Joke MrBeast Made About "52 Genders" Transphobic?

    A discussion is now brewing online about whether or not MrBeast is canceled for a joke he made in a now-deleted 2016 video.
    By Mustafa Gatollari
  • mrbeast crew

    YouTuber MrBeast Reached 30 Million Subscribers With a Little Help From His Friends

    Who is in MrBeast's crew? Meet the childhood friends behind one of YouTube's most successful channels.
    By Allison Cacich
  • How Did MrBeast Make His Money?

    MrBeast Gives Most of His Money Away, So How Is He So Ridiculously Rich?

    MrBeast is one of the richest YouTubers out there, but how did he make his money, especially when he gives so much of it away? We have the answer.
    By Kate Brierley
  • ___n

    MrBeast Just Opened 300 Delivery-Only Burger Joints — Is There One by You?

    Popular YouTuber MrBeast has now launched his own burger restaurant with over 300 locations! So, is there one in your area? There probably is!
    By Katie Garrity
  • mrbeast smp

    MrBeast Just Gave Away $100,000 on the Dream SMP — Here's Who Won

    MrBeast is known for running outlandish giveaways. This time he gave away tens of thousands in gift cards on the Dream SMP.
    By Sara Belcher
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