Snapchat's Multi Snap Functionality Seems to Be Defunct for Many Users, but Is It Gone for Good?

Snapchat users take advantage of Multi Snap to get the perfect pic. But now it seems to be missing for many.

Jamie Lerner - Author

Feb. 16 2024, Published 12:04 p.m. ET

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Everyone’s favorite app for sending secret messages will always be Snapchat. However, Snapchat will not always stay the same. Since its 2011 inception, Snapchat has grown from a photo-messaging service into an entire social media network, complete with stories, Spotlight videos, news clips, and even an AI platform. And its Multi Snap feature, which came out in 2017, made it easier than ever to send the perfect Snaps.

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However, in February 2024, many users noticed that the Multi Snap feature was missing after a mandatory app update. This is worrisome — how else are we supposed to make sure we’re sending the best possible picture or video to our crush? Did Snapchat actually delete the Multi Snap feature or is this just a glitch in the system?

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Snapchat did not delete Multi Snap.

While Multi Snap has been glitchy for many users, there’s no need to worry. In the long term, it doesn’t seem like Snapchat has any plans to remove Multi Snap from the platform. Basically, several users noticed that when they reopened Snapchat after an update, Multi Snap was no longer an option.

Before this update, people used Multi Snap to take multiple photos or videos that they could later edit before sending. Until the feature came out in 2017, if we didn’t like a photo we took and deleted it, it would be gone forever. But thanks to Multi Snap, we could take a bunch of photo options and then delete the ones we didn’t like with no regrets.

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Now, however, people are worried that Multi Snap is gone for good. Someone on Reddit even called it “their most useful thing.” Starting on Feb. 7, 2024, users started noticing issues with their Multi Snap. It stopped being an option when on the Camera screen in Snapchat for many people. However, Multi Snap is still mentioned in Snapchat’s FAQ and Help Center, so if they were getting rid of it, they would have probably acknowledged this.

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Multi Snap is likely missing for some people because of developer updates.

Many people noticed the issue with Multi Snap after the app was updated. While this led many to believe that the feature is now defunct, that’s not actually the case, since many people (such as us at Distractify) still have Multi Snap functionality. Luckily, some found that simply logging out of the app and logging back in helped solve the problem.

For others, it could be based on which region they’re in. Typically, when a feature is being updated by developers, it can lose some functionality as they fix it. Others found that when they delete and reinstall Snapchat, Multi Snap shows up again, but once they close the app, it disappears for good. It’s an annoying problem that Snapchat will hopefully fix thanks to a boatload of complaints.

So for now, Snapchat hasn’t deleted Multi Snap permanently, even if it’s not properly working.

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