This Viewer Found More Evidence SSSniperWolf Was Faking 'Call of Duty' Gameplay

SSSniperWolf was long ago accused of faking 'Call of Duty' gameplay, and this viewer thinks they've found more evidence to support this claim.

Jon Bitner - Author

Oct. 18 2023, Published 2:59 p.m. ET

The Gist:

  • SSSniperWolf was previously under fire for allegedly faking gameplay on her streams.
  • Following her feud with JacksFilms, fans are once again analyzing her gameplay clips.
  • One viewer offers new evidence, claiming "SSSniperWolf has no idea what a video game is" and has been faking footage.
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As one of the most popular YouTubers on the planet, SSSniperWolf is used to getting views. But after doxxing Jacksfilms, the content creator seems to be garnering the wrong kind of attention. In fact, one Jacksfilms fan has gone through a bunch of SSSniperWolf's old content in an attempt to prove she faked Call of Duty footage — an old allegation that's once again bubbling to the surface.

But did the fan really find evidence that shows SSSniperWolf faked Call of Duty gameplay?

Did SSSniperWolf fake Call of Duty gameplay?

Despite the fan's digging, there's still no concrete evidence SSSniperWolf faked Call of Duty gameplay. The elaborate Reddit post claiming otherwise highlights three different videos, and while it makes some intriguing points, none of the evidence appears to be a smoking gun.

The viewer analyzes multiple videos to try and find proof for their claim.

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"I found videos of her kicking ass in BO2 [Black Ops 2] and such but I also found a video of her playing one of my favorite games: Outlast," wrote the viewer.

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"Outlast was the first horror game I ever played so I just had to check it out and I swear to god, the stark contrast in her ability to exercise any form of situational awareness in regards to her surroundings, as well as her lack of cognitive awareness of what a video game is or how it works genuinely makes me believe that she hardly has any idea what a video game is or how to play it."

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From there, the post goes on to talk about how SSSniperWolf "doesn't know where to go," and that "she's playing this like she's downed eight edibles."

In other words, SSSniperWolf appears to be good at Call of Duty and terrible at Outlast. The viewer concludes their post with the following:

"Sorry this essay was so long, and again I want to make it clear that I'm over here trying to be mean at someone for being bad at a video game. The fact is that this poor performance is the exact opposite of the rest of her content, which in my mind, convinces me that none of her CoD stuff is actually her playing."

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This isn't the first time SSSniperWolf has come under fire for allegedly faking her gameplay, with people arguing this point more than seven years ago. A post on GameFAQ included a poll for the community to vote, and the vast majority voted for the "I don't know or I don't care or I'm not sure" option. Less than 23% replied with a confident "Yes."

SSSniperWolf now largely focuses on reaction videos and evergreen content, and it's unlikely the world will ever get a definitive answer about whether she faked her Call of Duty gameplay.

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