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Source: NBC

Kate and Toby's Divorce on 'This Is Us' Could Be Another Future Tragedy


Among all of the tragedy and heartache on This Is Us, Kate and Toby, or "Katoby," if you will, have always been a shining beacon of light and hope. But after it became clear they aren’t together in any of the flash-forwards, fans have begun to question if Kate and Toby get divorced on This Is Us. It would be just another heartbreaking plot twist for fans to deal with in the coming episodes or seasons but, sadly, that seems to be the case.

Chris Sullivan, who plays Toby on This Is Us, told The New York Post after Season 3 ended that Kate and Toby aren’t together in the future. He confirmed that in the flash-forward where Toby is seen in bed without a wedding band, "Kate and Toby are no longer married." Chris admitted that anything could trigger their split, even if they seem to be doing (mostly) fine in present day.