'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Need to Know: Do Lucas and Simone End up Together?

Michelle Stein - Author

May 11 2023, Published 4:24 p.m. ET

Lucas and Simone from 'Grey's Anatomy' staring lovingly at each other
Source: ABC

On Season 19 of Grey's Anatomy, a whole new class of surgical interns was introduced — except this time around, viewers actually grew attached to their more developed characters. Among the fresh meat at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital were Dr. Lucas Adams and Dr. Simone Griffith. Fans of the ABC medical drama have been rooting for Lucas and Simone to finally give into their intense chemistry.

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Disappointingly, she got back together with her ex, Trey, right when things were getting good. Now that Simone is preparing to head down the aisle, viewers are dying to know: Do Lucas and Simone end up together?

Simone and Lucas smiling at each other on 'Grey's Anatomy'
Source: ABC
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Do Lucas and Simone end up together on 'Grey's Anatomy'?

It's difficult to deny that Lucas and Simone have feelings for one another. They've been dancing around their attraction throughout Season 19, and in a twist of fate, ended up living together with fellow intern Mika Yasuda. But will Lucas and Simone end up together in the long run?

“Lucas and Simone have a bumpy ride ahead of them,” showrunner Krista Vernoff previously told TVLine. “But in true Grey’s Anatomy fashion, there’s so much there between them that it’s impossible to ignore.”

Meanwhile, Niko Terho (who plays Lucas) teased, “I don’t think the fans will be disappointed, that’s for sure."

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This Grey's Anatomy fan wants to say, "Yes, of course Lucas and Simone end up together!" but unfortunately, their fate is still up to the show's writers. It looks like we'll have to wait and find out to know whether Simone goes through with marrying Trey or whether she picks Lucas in the end.

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Lucas and Simone have shared some steamy kisses on 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 19.

Things first came to a head with Lucas and Simone's will-they-won't-they storyline on Season 19, Episode 6 when they were arguing in the locker room. Their anger suddenly turned into a brief make-out session before Simone exclaimed, "I can't do this," and stormed away.

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Another steamy moment happened in Episode 9 when Simone's ex suddenly reappeared in her life.

After Simone and Trey had just gotten into an argument when Simone stormed off into a bedroom at her shared house with Lucas and Mika. That's when Lucas came in and asked if she was OK. "Do I look OK?" she shot back at him exasperatedly.

Next came the moment Simone-Lucas shippers had been waiting for: "Well, you look perfect," Lucas told her. (*Swoons*)

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Here's how the rest of that conversation played out:

Lucas: To me, you always kinda look perfect. Maybe my timing isn't right but I have to say that even when you're upset, you are pretty damn perfect.

Simone: Lucas ...

Lucas: You're so smart. And when you get mad, you get smarter. Like when you get made because you can't figure out a case. That's when you figure it out.

This is when Simon rushed over to Lucas and they started passionately kissing.Then, they started taking off each other's clothes

Unfortunately for fans who were all like, "Finally, do it!" that's exactly when Trey knocked on the door and started apologizing to Simone.

Trey proposed to Simone basically right after she and Lucas kissed, and Simone said yes. She then turned around and asked Lucas to be her "Man of Honor," and although he initially accepted, Dr. Jules Millin ultimately took over the role.

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In a perfect world, Simon would ditch Trey ASAP, run away with Lucas, and live happily ever after. But the situation is decidedly more complicated than that — and we can't wait to see how it all plays out!

Catch new episodes of Grey's Anatomy on Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

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