It Looks Like Brainiac-5 Didn't Die in the Season 5 Finale of 'Supergirl' — but Will He Live?

Gina Vaynshteyn - Author

Mar. 30 2021, Published 9:48 p.m. ET

Does Brainiac die in Supergirl
Source: The CW

Season 6 of Supergirl premieres tonight, and as you probably know, it's the show's last one. With Supergirl ending this season, we're emotionally preparing ourselves for anything and everything. Which apparently includes Brainiac-5 not being dead like we thought he was at the end of the Season 5 finale.

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To be fair, Season 5 ended on a major, major cliffhanger: Brainiac-5 snuck into Leviathan's base and risked it with the radioactive force-field. Instead of killing Leviathan, Brainy's plan was to trap the aliens in a bottle. However, Luthor unfortunately figured Brainiac-5 would do something like this, and before Brainy could do anything with the bottle containing Leviathan, Luthor takes it for himself. This leaves Brainiac in a very tight spot, and it was assumed that he died.

brainiac lex luthor
Source: The CW
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Does Brainiac die in 'Supergirl'?

Surprise! Brainiac isn't dead yet in Supergirl. The synopsis for Episode 1, Season 6 is: "As Brainiac lays close to death after trying to stop Lex, Supergirl and team soar in to save him, engaging in an epic battle with Gamenmae." But does he die in the series? It's possible, since the show is ending, and anyone is fair game. So far, IMDb shows actor Jesse Rath in two episodes this season. It's possible more information hasn't been released...or he's only in the season for two episodes, tops. 

Here's why we're likely going to see more Brainiac before he's (maybe) killed off for good. One of the subplots in Season 5 was based around Dreamer's ongoing dreams of Brainiac smiling at her, looking maniacal. At first, Dreamer thought this symbolized their relationship, but then she figured out it was actually a warning. He was in danger of something (now we know what). Will Dreamer save Brainy? Why else dedicate so much screen time to Dreamer having revelations about Brainiac? 

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brainiac cliffhanger
Source: The CW

Of course Jesse himself is being pretty coy about whether Brainy survives or not, writing on Instagram, "Find out the fate of our friendly green friend #brainiac5 tonight on the final season premiere of @supergirlcw." 

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Fans have left comments on the photo, saying, "If he dies, we riot," and "Hopefully he's quickly back on his feet & dishing it to Lex!" 

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Ultimately, it sounds like Supergirl is going to wrap up perfectly — according to Melissa Benoist. The star of Supergirl told Entertainment Weekly,

"I think we all kind of came to this conclusion. We're so proud of everything we've been able to accomplish in the last five, almost six years. It's been such a journey: changing networks, changing cities we shot in, and changing the nights we've aired. We've gone through so much on this show, and I think creatively we were all able to step back and say that we're really proud of everything we've done and it felt like the right time."

Watch new episodes of Supergirl every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. EST on the CW.

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